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on 7/29/12 8:17 am - MN
Hello Everyone,
I am very happy to report that so far since having surgery on September 7, 2011 that I have not lost any significant amount of my hair.  I am feeling very good about that but would like to know from those of you who are further out if you lost your hair later on or if it happened early out.  I try to keep my protein levels up and drink lots of water every day.  My labs have been good but will see what they are coming up on my one year appointment with the surgeon and nutritionist.  Thanks and I look forward to your responses.  Also, my other question is when do you stop losing weight.  I am down to 141 since my presurgery diet.  
on 7/29/12 8:24 am
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 Hi, I startedto lose hair early one month or so out. After a year it started to fill back in. I stoped losing weight after about a year as well. But then I never lost all of the weight I wanted. Everyone is different. You may be one of the lucky ones! 


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on 7/29/12 8:43 am - MN
I do count myself lucky.  I am actually under the goal weight that the surgeon set for me.  I will be glad to go in for my year appointment because I need to make sure that I'm eating enough.  I'm confident that I'm eating the right things, just need to make sure that I'm eating enough.  I am shocked that I still don't get hungry at all.  As for my hair, I don't have any chemicals in my hair and I think that has helped with keeping my hair and not losing it.   
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on 7/29/12 8:50 am - OH
If you were going to lose hair, you would have done so before now.  Not having chemically treated hair has nothing to do with it, though... you are just one of the lucky ones.  The hair loss is because the physioplogical stress of surgery and drastically decaresed food intake causes the body to send many more individual hairs than usual into the resting phase and the body releases the hair from the hair shaft.  So whether the hair has been treated or not is irrelevant. MANY people (including me) lost large amounts of untreated hair.


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Citizen Kim
on 7/29/12 8:57 am - Castle Rock, CO
I haven't seen my natural hair colour since I was 14, lost 120lbs to below goal in 6 months and I never discernibly lost any hair ...

It's the luck of the draw, I think!

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