Does anyone have clothes to give away???

on 7/29/12 6:34 pm - FL
I'd love them! Pretty please?

I currently wear a size 18/20 (down from a snug size 30) and I truly can't afford to buy new at the moment. Things are crazy on the home front right now. I'm sure you girls know what I'm talking about! Please PM me if you are willing to donate clothes to a fellow post-opper in need. Thank you in advance ladies!

Amy Lou

on 7/29/12 9:36 pm - OH
Have you checked out local thrift stores?

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Princess Brandy
on 7/29/12 10:13 pm - PA
 Ive already given that size away, but maybe there is a local clothing closet here we have monthly give always at a local church.  My daughters weightloss blog, would love if you all support her in her journey. 
Laura in Texas
on 7/29/12 10:16 pm
RNY on 09/17/08 with
Do you attend any bariatric support group meetings? Ask there, too. I got good at thrift store shopping. I always had one pair of khaki pants, one pair of black pants, and one pair of jeans that fit. I would wear them until they were huge. I also drilled extra holes in my belts so they would last longer. I was the queen of frugality when I was losing. Heck, I still am!!

Laura in Texas

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on 7/30/12 12:27 am - New Berlin, NY
I don't have this size clothes; but suggestions, I do have. Do you have any local food pantries? Some of them have free clothing also. Lawn sales are a GREAT place to get CHEAP things. I just went to one and the lady had brand new clothes from Fashion Bug (tags on them) for .25 each. Also what about friends that are that size? Ask for borrow, if they don't want to give them too you. I like the suggestion here about getting three colors and wearing them until extremely baggy. What about a salvation army? I wish you the best!!
on 7/30/12 2:45 am - Midlothian, TX
 I've long since given that size away, but wanted to second the thrift stores.  I bought all my downsized clothes there and still do, for super cheap.  I'm picky and I get a lot of nice name brand clothes, both casual and business very inexpensively.
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Candy V.
on 7/30/12 9:49 am - MI
RNY on 09/12/12
Church thrift stores, goodwill and many other non profit resale type stores have voucher programs for those in need. Call around, i'm sure you can get free clothes if you check around. I had to do this for my kids clothes back in 2008 after losing my job in the recession.
on 7/31/12 5:50 pm - FL
Many thanks ladies! :)

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