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on 8/2/12 2:01 am
RNY on 08/08/12
After your WLS (after loosing 80lbs or more) do you feel lighter? Do you feel like you can move around more easily? Can you FEEL the difference in having less weight to carry around? I am just wondering because I have never been a *normal* weight. Please tell me its easier not having to push threw my tummy fat rolls to get off the couch!!!

Surgery Date: August 8th, 2012
HW: 285 / Surgery Day Weight: 274 / CW: 237.5 / Goal Weight: 160


on 8/2/12 2:02 am - OH
Oh, definitely!

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on 8/2/12 2:06 am - burlington, VT
 im no Vet But i have lost 80 lbs total so far (before and after surgery weight loss) and i can answer that one. 
 i Feel amazing!
i can go for a walk and not feel like im gasping for air.
i can play with my kids for hours and when before there father got all the joy of playing with them because i couldnt do it.
i can get off the floor, couch, go up stares with out gasping for air! its fantastic. 
i love the choice i made to do this for my kids and for my self! :) 


on 8/2/12 2:08 am - Baltimore, MD

Well in general yes but I don't think we could get the magnitude of it unless we did that Biggest Loser thing and carried our weight around.

I never woke up one day saying "I feel light today!" It's so gradual...

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Kim S.
on 8/2/12 2:08 am - Helena, AL
OMG.  If you can only imagine!  Not only is everything just "easier" (like getting off the couch and out of the car) but your whole center of gravity changes and you move "lighter"....and once I got a rock hard core.....well, pure perfection....not only do I move better, I have much better posture and I have no more back pain.

I can also gracefully pull of 5+ inch high heels!
on 8/2/12 2:10 am
I had almost chronic lower back pain - more on than off and definetly every morning.  Getting out of bed and standing for the first time each morning always caused lower back pain.  Post RNY that was the first thing that left and was corrected;  it did not take long either.  I am so grateful I no longer have that pain.  I still must be mindful about lifting incorrectly,  vacuuming, etc., but having less weight made all the difference.

Neen L.
on 8/2/12 2:16 am - Arlington, VA
Yes! 130 lbs is a lot less to haul around.

One of the things that makes me laugh is when I buy a standard 1lb. box of butter at the grocery store and think, "Oh my god you used to carry around 130 more of these!" Haha, it's the mental picture that gets me.

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on 8/2/12 2:17 am - Westchester, NY
 Words cannot describe how different I feel. And then, after having the extra skin (rolls) removed? OMG. I am 57 feeling younger and lighter than I did at 19. I walk too fast for people because I felt I had to keep up at 330 lbs., and now its like I can fly. You must make sure you take care of your health throughout the process and forever after, though, or you will not feel this way! Vitamins, right foods, moving your body, etc. 

Best of luck with your surgery. It changed my life, and hopefully it will change yours for the better.


Marla a/k/a Feistyemm
Surgery Date: 4/21/2005; HW: 333/ SW: 271/ CW:133/ GOAL: 150 or UNDER

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on 8/2/12 2:35 am
RNY on 08/08/12
Thank You for your posts, ladies! I am almost in tears thinking of the possibilities! I know it will take hard work and determination.....I just keep going on the motto that I dont know what I am missing!

Surgery Date: August 8th, 2012
HW: 285 / Surgery Day Weight: 274 / CW: 237.5 / Goal Weight: 160


Cheryl C.
on 8/2/12 3:17 am - NY
RNY on 02/29/12
65 pounds down so far, and I feel downright SEXY when I'm shaving my legs in the shower! 



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