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on 8/16/12 11:16 am - MN
~ Please note I am embarrassed and know what to do but it's hard to keep boosting yourself when you have nobody who understands~

My mind hunger is crazy. I know what I gotta do to get back on track but...#$%^!!  It is so hard.
I have gone to OA in the past but have no had much support and have wanted to find a buddy or a team to do things and find support because I don't have anyone plus accountability because  getting started can be hard.

What do you all think?

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on 8/16/12 11:32 am
Honestly, I think it's a good thing if you need it. Yay for you for realizing you do! I personally, see food addiction as the same as any other addiction. Perhaps harder, because we HAVE to eat. There is nothing to be embarrassed about. Good luck!! 
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on 8/16/12 11:39 am - MN
Food actually can bring me to tears and cause the most anxiety on top of my anxiety and depression it just makes it worse. Being farther out and not having all the pouch control that i had before my mind has really had to work so hard. I feel like an outcast, and  either not many people suffer with or or they just don't talk about it.
God doesn't require us to succeed; he only requires that you try.

on 8/16/12 11:44 am - Virginia Beach, VA
RNY on 07/18/12
I think OA is a good thing if you use the tools and follow the program. I believe they have a phone tree for you to use whenever you need extra support. Also you can get a sponsor who can hold you accountable for what you eat. It all comes down to a choice and choosing to use the tools available to you. I went to OA for about 6 mos before I got pregnant with my last son. For the time I was there it seemed to be helpful. I was offered alot of help and support and the options were there if I chose to take advantage of them. They will not throw you a pity party and encourage relapse. They are serious about you wanting to want the help. No one can do the work for you but I know that it is a bit easier if you have someone who keeps you accountable.

Good luck to you
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on 8/16/12 11:45 am
I am going to say that probably most people don't talk about it.....You need to figure out what is causing this head hunger and deal with. If it's OA or counseling or what. (personally, my head hunger rears its ugly ead the week before TOM, it's like I don't even have a pouch!)Perhaps you could contact your surgeon and see if they have recommendations on a counselor who is knowledgeable with WLS. It turned out the one that did my psych eval was! Do you have a local WLS support group in your area??

No need to feel like an outcast! (((hugs)))
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on 8/16/12 11:52 am - MN
No, there are not really any weightloss support groups in my area. I keep looking but I think I am going to go to my OA How meeting tonight and start.

It is intense but I think my mind needs it, I am just scared. Change is scary, like the idea to never drink again if someone is an acoholic. At OA how, sugar must be the 5th or greater ingredient to eat something. No caffine, no alcohol, no fake sugers, no real sugar. All food is weighted and measure. Like people say they bring there own food to family gatherings or eat before they go.
God doesn't require us to succeed; he only requires that you try.

on 8/16/12 12:24 pm
There are different kinds of OA groups.  What you describe sounds like the HOW program, which is much stricter then the OA I attended for many years.  With those meetings I was allowed to define my own abstinence, whatever that may be.  For me it was 3 meals a day, no sugar and no wheat.  I tried to keep the portions small but that was always a challenge.
They say to try several meetings before you decide whether or not OA is for you.  Hopefully  in your area there are several to choose from.  There are also meetings online which may be more helpful to you.
I would do terrible at those meetings.  While I avoid sugar and gluten I do have artificial sweeteners, caffeine and I don't weigh and measure regularly.  I do what works for me. 

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on 8/16/12 3:37 pm - MA
RNY on 07/09/12
I feel exactly the same way as you except that I am only 5.5 weeks out and feel like im making poor choices so early on that there is no hope for me even though I'm losing pretty good so far. It's really embarrassing and hard to talk to anyone about it. I do plan on seeing a therapist soon.

People always say things like u need to dig deep and find the reason why you overeat or eat bad foods and I really don't think its anything other than loving food and lack of will power ya know? Of course that needs to be addressed and worked on but does it necessarily have to b from a traumatic experience?

This is not to say therapy is a waste or anything, I still want to peruse it. Just wondering what people thought

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