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on 8/30/12 1:33 pm
VSG on 09/10/12
Hello everyone who stops in here! 

I am a VSGer, but am not writing for myself today.  My best friend had RNY on Monday (today is Thursday), she had a lot of dry heaving the day of her surgery (after surgery) and the next day too, then it seemed to get better.  Then she was released on Wednesday, and went home, she has not been doing well at getting fluids in at all, and started vomiting last night.  

She went in to the er today and just called me about 45 min ago that they are rushing her into surgery, she is scared and I am too.   I live 3 hrs away so cannot be there for her, but have been googling to see what the problem might be.

Anyone have any experience with this?   

Thanks in advance! 
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Kay L.
on 8/30/12 1:37 pm - N., AL
I don't have any experience with it, but maybe someone will come along soon who does. I imagine it could be any number of things. So glad they are getting on top of it.

You are a good friend for being so concerned and I am sorry this is happening. Would you please come back and let us know how she is when you find out?
on 8/30/12 1:40 pm
VSG on 09/10/12
I surely will. 

I was with her all day after her surgery, walking, holding her barf bag even though there wasn't anything in there to come out of course, changing her etc and had hoped she would have a swift recovery.  She is a nurse and also has a 17 month old baby at home.  I feel helpless that there is nothing I can do for her... scared ****less though! 
Cicerogirl, The PhD

on 8/30/12 2:07 pm - OH
Unfortunately, since she is only a couple of days our from surgery, the problem could be almost anything, and no one here is going to be able to even guess what it might be just based on her vomiting.  (She didn't give you any indication of why they were taking her to surgery when she called you (and you didn't ask)?)

Whatever it is, by now she is probably already out of surgery, and will probably be able to call you in a few hours to let you know what they found.  Try not to worry too much in the meantime.


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on 8/30/12 2:14 pm
VSG on 09/10/12
She called me after they did her xray and said they saw something abnormal and they were putting together a surgical team, I asked what it was, she said she didn't know and started crying.  Then just as suddenly said   they are here to get me,  and was gone.  
on 8/30/12 2:12 pm
It could be anything newly post-op.  Try not to worry, difficult I know hopefully you'll hear from her soon.

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on 8/30/12 2:23 pm - CA
RNY on 06/11/12
I hope you hear from her as soon as possible. I'll pray for her health and for you to be calm right now now. Keep us posted.



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on 8/30/12 2:27 pm - WA
RNY on 08/21/12
At least it sounds like since they saw something, they're getting right on it and she's getting the care that she needs.
on 8/30/12 3:26 pm - rockford, IL
 I am praying for your friend, and please keep us posted.

on 8/30/12 3:37 pm
VSG on 09/10/12
Her husband just called, she is out of surgery and they suspect she will be feeling much better afterward.
He said (maybe) a blockage, but admittedly he is difficult to understand to me at times. (Jamaican) But from what I understood that is the diagnosis.

 I hope she recovers quickly from this. Thanks all for tolerating my panic... this was the first place I came. 

Cheers all.