gas pains about 1 year out

on 8/29/12 7:44 am - Altamont, IL
Has anyone else experienced sharp gas pains about a year out or later?  I have has pains for the last 4 days and they are worse than my labor pains.  When I called the surgeons nurse she told me that it was probably my snacking that I had told the dietian just 2 weeks before.  I told her that no it was not that and I have not been snacking for a week now trying to get back on track.  Another friend of mine said she had these pains and warned me about 3 weeks ago that they were coming.  What do I do? I have been taking gas X 4x a day and still not helping, can't sleep cause I can't get comfortable.
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on 8/29/12 10:27 am
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You're likely eating something you shouldn't be, or something you don't tolerate. I'm quite prone to gas and that's usually the cause.

As always, when in doubt, call your surgeon. It could be something else.
on 8/29/12 12:52 pm - Midlothian, TX
 Oh yes, they are a common occurance when I eat something especially carby or higher fat.  Basically anything that your body isn't going to digest well is going to be a party food for the intestinal bacteria.
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on 8/29/12 3:39 pm - WI
Are the pains in your lower abdomin?  I had "labor like" pain near my belly button that turned out to be a major bowel obstruction.  I was about a year out from surgery when it happened.  I had cramping off and on for about two weeks that gradually got worse.  By the time I went to the ER part of my bowel had died and I had to have emergancy surgery to remove about a foot of blackened intestine.  Pain in your abdomin is NOT normal.  If it continues you need to be seen by a doctor.   I thought I was having gas pain too.  If I had gone in sooner,  I could have saved that bowel they had to remove.  Better safe than sorry.

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