Work wants me to postpone

on 9/8/12 1:27 pm
I was originally scheduled for surgery on July 24th. I had to have an angiogram that delayed everything else, so I postponed my surgery for October 16th.  Now my boss is asking me to postpone until December when her neice is home from college so that she can fill in for me. There is another woman in the office that is capable if filling in for me for a couple of weeks. I was also supposed to have hernia surgery last December that I have been putting off. I will be having this done the same time as the WLS. My psychological evaluation will expire on October 23rd so I would have to take more time off work to have another one done. I am hurt that my boss would ask me to put my health second to the job. I originally told her that I would try to reschedule until December. Now after talking with the psychologist again, I really do not want to delay any longer. I don't feel that I should have to. Thank you for letting me vent. 
Kat Kat
on 9/8/12 2:01 pm - AZ
Okay, so tell her you tried, and it looks like you'll have to proceed as planned. You really have to be your best advocate with this surgery, and your overall health in general. You may as well start now.



on 9/8/12 2:06 pm - NH
I think I might say something like..........."I tried to re-schedule but it just isn't possible.   The professionals taking care of me say I need to get this done now that I have completed all the steps necessary."  It is not a lie.  You have done everything asked of you to prepare for surgery and now you are ready.  It is not fair to ask you to wait any longer.  She had plenty of time to arrange for help if she needed to, as your original surgery was scheduled for July!  I would not undergo another psychological evaluation or repeat anything that was done.  The next time it may come out of your pocket!  Insurance will only pay once usually.  Why would they pay for another evaluation if you let the first one expire?  Besides.......I know in most programs your labs and physicals are time-sensitive too.
Your health should come first.


on 9/8/12 2:07 pm - NH
RNY on 10/02/12
OOPS!!  I accidentally  made the above post in my husband's name!  LOL
Candy V.
on 9/8/12 2:14 pm - MI
RNY on 09/12/12
I agree with the others, don't wait!

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on 9/8/12 2:29 pm - OH

Your health takes priority over her inconvenience.  Stand strong.

on 9/8/12 3:00 pm
RNY on 08/16/12
I agree with those above. Your job has had plenty of notice and they still have time to find a fill-in for you. Not to mention that I personally wouldn't like to be recovering during the holidays; it's pretty miserable.


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on 9/8/12 5:24 pm
RNY on 06/18/12
Proceed as planned. I too was approached by my manager and asked if I could work it out so that I went a month later than I had wanted, because of staffing purposes. Thankfully, she did ask well before my date. I was able to accomodate her and I did so within reason. She wanted more like 6 weeks later and I met her halfway at 3 weeks later. Incidently, she had no right to ask me to do this, she did it in an email which I could have turned into my HR department. However, I was accomodating and it worked out. But I did NOT have a date set when she had asked. I think if I had I would have continued with my plans. There are just too many factors that could come into it and possibly throwing the surgery off for much longer than a couple of months.
Cheryl N.
on 9/8/12 7:22 pm - Des Moines, WA
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I don't think employers can ask you to delay your medical surgeries, especially if you are on FMLA.  I don't know but that's not right, in my opinion.  

I remember I needed to leave work early because I was sick, and a few days later I found out my supervisor asked a co worker to cancel her baby son's doc. appt. to cover for me.  That wasn't right.

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Allen Y.
on 9/8/12 7:29 pm - Garland, TX
 I agree with the others that say you should put yourself first and proceed with WLS ASAP. Otherwise there will always always be some reason to delay doing it. In the mean time your life slips by.