2yrs out and on liquid diet again :(

on 9/20/12 9:24 am - Knoxville, TN
It has been a little over 2yrs since I had the by-pass.  I did well for awhile and I have lost 125lb overall.  There is a continuous battle of going between 225 and 235, but compared to the 350 I was at, I am happy with the results.  I stopped following all of the rules and was travelling a lot with work and finally taking some vacations.  I allowed myself to drink and eat unhealthy foods which I knew I should not be doing, but I went with the thought process of "if I eat small portions how much can it hurt?"  Well I now have an ulcer and it is extremely painful.  I went to the doctor yesterday and they are scheduling me for a scope next week.  Until then, I am back on the clear liquid diet.  I am upset with myself for doing such stupid things.  I know better and I shouldn't have done it.  I am only half way through my 1st day on the diet and I am hungry.  I have my broth, popcicles, jello, but it is not really making me happy.

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on 9/20/12 9:42 am
Live and learn, right? You can't do anything about it but go forward with new resolve. Have you set any new goals for yourself in regards to eating habits and exercise? Now might be a good time to start getting back on program. You've got the perfect induction going for you regardless of the cir****tances!

The first day of a liquid diet SUCKS. There's no way around it. Third day starts to get better, so hang in there. The upside? You'll probably lose weight from this.
Larry Wassmann
on 9/20/12 9:47 am - Lacey, WA
RNY on 05/09/12
What did they say you were eating or drinking that may have caused the ulcer? You can do it, just think of it as a new start. Good luck and keep us in mind and post how great you will be doing.

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on 9/20/12 11:07 am - Knoxville, TN
So, the drinking was vodka and coffee (not at the same time, but too much of both).  I know it was bad, it just didn't seem so bad when I was drinking it.  The food was eating out at restaurants 3 meals a day for almost the entire summer.  I was travelling with work and vacationing.  I was in hotels almost the entire summer and now I am paying for it.  1st step is take responsibility.  2nd step make the changes. 

on 9/20/12 11:09 am - Knoxville, TN
One of the hardest things to change will be the coffee.  I work for a coffee company and I was drinking about 8 cups a day.  It's really good coffee just not so good in such high volume for a delicate stomach.