Home from hospital - question about fluids

on 9/20/12 1:54 pm
RNY on 09/17/12
I've had about 24 oz of fluid since this morning and feel that I cannot take another drop in.  It feels that if I do, then it will all come up or out.

How am I supposed to get 64 in??

Any suggestions
on 9/20/12 2:01 pm - UT
RNY on 09/05/12
 I use 1 packet of the crystal light per 34 oz water, so diluted, or you could try ice. Good luck!!! It just keeps getting better from here!!!
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on 9/20/12 7:04 am, edited 9/20/12 9:44 am - MA
RNY on 08/14/12 with
 When I was home from the hospital, I took it to mean between shakes and clear liquids. It took a few days before I could get up to that amount. I also had a schedule of drinking either clear liquids or shakes every hour--11am-4 oz. shake, 12pm-4-8 oz. clear liquids, 1pm-4 oz. shake, etc. 
on 9/20/12 2:49 pm
RNY on 06/18/12
Sorry I can't help, I had the same problem and most days did not get that much fluid. I just hope you can get it figured out!
Good luck!
on 9/20/12 2:57 pm
when I was having a hard time i was told take 2 sips every 10 minutes. Get yourself a (sand) egg timer...sip...flip it then drink and repeat. It does help.
try small sips...its hard just drink as much as you can. it gets easier i promise.
( I still struggle with my fluids )....

Also try warm decaf tea or broth those count and for some reason I can drink warm tea very easily
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on 9/20/12 4:12 pm
 Is difficult and for some getting it in early out feels almost impossible. Just keep trying, sipping and staying hydrated is your #1 responsibility right now. 

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on 9/20/12 4:23 pm
You can't right away but you can work up to it. It takes a while but keep sipping and one day you'll realize you have gotten it all in.
Jen 11 yrs post op RNY
on 9/20/12 4:40 pm
I used a 1 oz medicine cup and tried to fini**** every 15 minutes. Also figured out that 3 sugarfree popsicles is about 5 0z of fluid, They seem to be easier to finish that regular fluids and they count. The same goes for sugarfee jello. Good Luck! It gets easier each day.
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on 9/20/12 5:12 pm
Ok, sugar fee jello counts are clear fluids, sugar free Popsicles count as clear liquids, clear broth counts as liquids.   Just make sure these are on your doctor's plan.   Jane
on 9/20/12 5:33 pm
RNY on 09/17/12 with
So glad to see you're home!!  I was told yesterday when I left the hospital that I should get 32-64oz....so shoot for 32oz not 64oz.  That should be an easier goal for you.  I don't find the liquids to be so difficult, but I know I'm not getting enough "food" in...like soups, pudding or whatever.  Today is my 4th day out and by far has been the hardest.  Hang in there!

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