on 10/4/12 5:29 am
RNY on 08/08/12
Are pretzels ok to eat at 8 weeks out? I have had a few and chew them until they are mushy and have seemed to tolerate just one. Just wanted to know if this is ok or not....

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on 10/4/12 5:33 am - OH
On October 4, 2012 at 12:29 PM Pacific Time, mg220 wrote:
Are pretzels ok to eat at 8 weeks out? I have had a few and chew them until they are mushy and have seemed to tolerate just one. Just wanted to know if this is ok or not....
What does your surgeon's plan say?  I did not eat things like pretzels that early out.  I was on a regular diet by then but ate very limited starches for the first few months.  I did occasionally eat half a slice of whole grain bread, though.

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on 10/4/12 5:37 am - WI
Pretzels have virtually no nutritional value. Since you have such limited room in your pouch at this stage you should choose something with more nutrition.
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on 10/4/12 5:40 am - OH
Pretzels won't physically hurt you, but eating them is also not helping you retrain your eating habits.

 I know eating a pretzel or two seems like a little thing (and there isn't anything wrong with a small treat every now and then), but please do your best to focus heavily on protein and avoiding "white" carbs for as long as possible.  Trust me, you should take as much advantage as you can of the first few months post-op to establish healthy eating habits because it is easiest right after surgery (when your appetite is limited) and the healthy habits will be all that stands between you and regain once your pouch expands and you lose the caloric malabsorption.


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on 10/4/12 6:11 am - NJ
 I asked my nutritionist before surgery and she laughed a little and told me if my stomach was upset, I could lick the salt off the pretzel. That was about it. Oh well. I'll give up pretzels for getting rid of any of my co morbidity problems.

on 10/4/12 9:49 am - IA
This is waaaaaay too early for this kind of stuff.  You need to concentrate on protein.  I am almost 13 months out, and I choose not to eat empty carbs like pretzels.  Like a previous poster said, it seems like a small thing, but I am concerned about where it might lead.
on 10/4/12 10:06 am
It's much too early. Plus pretzels are too carby and have too much sodium. Save your room for protein and leave to "junky stuff" alone.  

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