few questions

on 10/8/12 12:56 am - Romulus, MI

I am almost 4 years out.


*Once you had RYN what if you screw it up and stretch your stomach back out, what options do you have then?


*I have been waking up recently and having issues moving.  Is there a suppliment I can take to help me move easier?  


*I have just started to regain (7lbs) I am not happy about this.  I know its my eating.  However, I seem to be eating just to eat ALL FREAKING DAY.  I just can't get ahead of it.  What should I do.



Cicerogirl, The PhD

on 10/8/12 1:22 am - OH
Not too much they can do about a pouch that is truly stretched except re-do the pouch but that is pretty extreme. (There are a couple of procedures such as the ROSE procedure to tighten stoma and deal with an enlarged pouch, but the success statistics are pretty dismal, so most surgeons don't do them.) Unless you have routinely been overeating, though, it is unlikely that you have actually stretched your pouch or stoma. My surgeon once told me that even when someone came in and they were convinced that their pouch was stretched, an EGD showed a problem only in less than 20% of the cases.

I assume that this question is related to our last question about regain and eating. Unfortunately, regardless of your pouch size, if you are not controlling what you are eating and how much, the result will be regain, especially now that your caloric malabsorption is long gone. My best suggestion would be to seek out some counseling to find out what is behind the all day eating so you can address the root cause (I assume that you have already tried to stop doing it).


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Tammy H.
on 10/8/12 2:14 am - Greenville, OH
Suggestions...Bake, broil all meats such as Chicken and turkey...Avoid frying foods...Watch the bread...There are good carbs and there are bad carbs...Use smaller plates...Try to eat a good healthy breakfast...I always have a midmorning snack...Then lunch, then a healthy snack, supper, and an evening snack...Eating smaller amounts during the day might help you to not feel starved to where you overeat once you eat something...Work on eating good protein foods...Fresh veggies , string cheese, a couple of wheat crackers makes for a good snack...Make out a menu ahead...Plan what foods you will be fixing for your meals and snacks, and only buy those foods at the grocery...Then make a journal of everything that goes in your mouth, this way you can look back to see what you are doing, and what you might be able to change...Drink plenty of water...Most of all, don't be hard on yourself...Know that you have made a few mistakes, and move on...Put those mistakes behind you and concentrate on the NOW...Set a goal for yourself, such as for every pound  I lose, I will put so much money in a jar and save for a new outfit...Call a friend or family member when you are having a rough day and say * hey, I need some support*...Or ask a friend to take a walk with you...Start a new hobby/craft, read a book, do puzzles, do this to keep your hands busy and your mind off food...I too have gained some weight, and need to take my own advice...I am founder of our weight loss support group called * Little by little* and I really feel that I need to do better in order to set a good example for those in my group...Good luck, let me know how things go...Make sure you are taking your vitamins.

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on 10/8/12 5:47 am
RNY on 07/24/12
Tammy great suggestions, I plan to keep these in mind throughout my journey!
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(deactivated member)
on 10/8/12 5:32 am - WA
It is possible to stretch your pouch but it is just as possible to gain weight and still have a small pouch. Case in Point. Me. I had my RNY in 2008 and have gained 60 or so pounds but I still have a small pouch. No revison for me, 3 doctors have told me NO because of my pouch size. Carbs and empty calories and no excerize will end you up like me, don't do it. Get your eating habits under control now while they are small.
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