Surgery today!

on 10/14/12 7:20 pm - MN
 I have not slept a wink instead I mopped floors, cleaned bathroom, did homework, organized sons closet,  packed hospital bag twice!  I'm I going say a long prayer and head to hospital in just 45 minutes, O my I can't believe the day is here.....................

Debbie C.
on 10/14/12 8:18 pm - Bradford, MA
RNY on 10/10/12 with
Good Luck!!! I had my surgery on Wednesday, Im a little sore, but not as bad as I thought, you will do great!!!
on 10/14/12 10:10 pm - FL
Good luck..
Calla Lily
on 10/14/12 10:36 pm
RNY on 01/23/12
 Good luck! And congrats to your new beginning 

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on 10/14/12 11:05 pm - Auburn Hills, MI
RNY on 11/05/12
 Good luck!  Here's to a smooth surgery for you today!!  

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