OT...For those in Canada or who've been there

on 10/22/12 10:19 pm
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What would or should a family do if vacationing there??  Looking maybe to go on spring break which is March11.  I know nothing about Canada so could use some help.

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Allen Y.
on 10/22/12 10:23 pm, edited 10/23/12 1:58 am - Garland, TX
 I have been to Toronto for a week and also to Ottawa for a week. Both are beautiful clean cities with lots of culture. There are beautiful riding/walking trails along the canal in Ottawa.

There is just one thing, in MARCH it will be F R E E Z I N G COLD.

It was cool in JUNE. But then again I am used to 108*F summers in Dallas.


Karen M.
on 10/22/12 11:43 pm - Mississauga, Canada
Sorry, had to giggle.  Toronto is in the province of Ontario.  I think maybe you meant Ottawa?



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 I was thinking the same thing!
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omg... I better shut the hell up!
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rofl I thought the same thing when I read it but just shushed.

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Mendie Thompson
on 10/22/12 10:26 pm - TX
RNY on 09/24/12
 Canada is a pretty big place...depends on what part and when you are headed to.  I went a couple times for Calgary stampede...THAT was tons of fun...very cultural...very family oriented...VERY tiring lol.  


Calla Lily
on 10/22/12 11:39 pm
RNY on 01/23/12
 I live in Calgary! And Calgary is close to banff and mountains etc...

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on 10/22/12 11:26 pm - Morris, IL
RNY on 06/04/12
Depends on which province or city you are looking at. If you are looking out west. Vancouver and Vancouver island is nice. If you go a bit further east from there you have Banff and Calgary both very beautiful. If you are looking at Ontario Toronto is a wonderful city with a lot to take in. Niagra Falls on the Canada side is full of fun. If you prefer a more french flair there is Montreal. Lots of amazing choices. Most will be cold in March.

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Calla Lily
on 10/22/12 11:50 pm
RNY on 01/23/12
 If you do decide on Calgary Alberta, we could maybe get our families together and go for a hike in mountains, or if you ski or snowshoe etc... We also have the new cross iron mills mall that is huge, lots of outlet and high end stores... There is the Calgary Tower, Canadian Olympic park that has a ton of fun winter things to do... China town, which I love, tons of little shops... The Calgary Zoo... Umm... So many great thinks to do here! Of course our airport is an international airport, so you could fly direct... 

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