5 years out - what now?

Evelyn K.
on 10/24/12 3:50 am - south plainfield, NJ
Had surgery 5 years ago. 
Start weight :249
6 months :165
1 year: 219
5 year:200

Looking back, I realize my mother had passed away exactly six months after my surgery.  Geez, I wonder if that had something to do with me putting weight back on.  Never attended any support groups this whole time.   Although I do have a life coach I see weekly/bimonthly.  She has constantly supported the idea of support groups for me.

My surgeon stated at my 1year that I was not typical and outcomes are usually much better than mine. Geez, that made me feel really special!

My question is :  Are there other people out there like me? What are my options now after 5 years?

Citizen Kim
on 10/24/12 3:56 am - Castle Rock, CO
You still have the restriction of your pouch and it is possible to lose at 5 years out if you follow the lifestyle you signed up for:

Protein first, limit the white carbs.
No drinking during or for 30 minutes after meals
Exercise - 1 hour at least 4 x per week
vitamins and lab work
Log everything that passes your lips into something like MyFitnessPal.com
Find a support group or hang out here to remain mindful

Proud Feminist, Atheist, LGBT friend, and Democratic Socialist

on 10/24/12 4:00 am - OH
Your options are to see your surgeon and get scoped to check the size of your pouch and stoma to see if something has stretched, to meet with a registered dietician and talk about a realistic food plan that would allow you to use your tool ('cause your tool is still there) to lose some of the weight you've regained, and/or to go to a support group for support.  Or of course you could keep doing what you've been doing, but it sounds like you're not happy with the way things are right now.

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on 10/24/12 5:52 am - Bryan, TX
I'm in a similar boat. Surgery 5 years 1 month ago (September 2007).
Start weight: 369
Lowest weight (2009): 208
Current: 252

Yes, I'm still over 100 lbs below where I started, but also am over 100 lbs from where I need to be since I'm only 5'0.5" tall.

My father passed away 11 months ago and life has been hectic and stressful with two in high school (seniors this year) in band with 6:15am report time to school -- and neither one has their drivers license yet -- so I'm at work at 6:30 am daily. My exercise time has been consumed by having to get the kids to school. I'm hoping that Rowan's IB Music will NOT meet at 7 am daily this year as it did last year.

My two necessities are to:

1) quit Dr. Pepper -- just tried it in July and am addicted to it again. That's 500 calories a day.

2) return to exercising -- preferably in the water since my arthritis is getting worse and I have difficulty walking, much less cycling or jogging. My arthritis is in my knees, ankles, and feet as well as hands/wrists.

Step 1 - admit I have a problem: check
Step 2 - figure out what I need to do: check
Step 3 - put the plan into action: this is where I am now...

I'm returning to the liquid protein diet (on Monday of next week because this weekend is not when I can go back to shakes) for two weeks to kick start myself and then slowly re-add the foods in my diet.

Good luck!