cheating on optifast..RNY this thursday at 8am

sarah telfer
on 11/4/12 3:05 am - cambridge, Canada

so i'm pretty worried.. i've had some great advice from my local support group but i want to know what everyone on here thinks... basically i ate 2 pieces of chicken last night, not big ones..small.. and i have fatty liver disease, i'm drinking my optifast, 3-4 shakes a day,plus 3 glasses of going to start drinking more water, but i'm scared that ill wake up and have them say i wont have the surgery because of my fatty liver? i've lost 16 pounds since october 25th on optifast, and i'm really trying, honestly im not a quitter, i don't know what came over me last night! so disappointed in myself.. but im moving on from that, im just worried that i wont have the surgery. .  . im putting myself on a strict schedule to get all of my water in, shakes are no problem now. is there anything else i can do for the fatty liver issue? .. thanks everyone.. 


sarah ann





on 11/4/12 3:50 am
RNY on 10/24/12

I have fatty liver too, most overweight people do but it tends to go away as you lose weight.  The best thing you can do is continue to lose weight. Are you supposed to be on a liquid diet right now? If so, you need to stick to it as it is very important to always follow your surgeon's instructions. Good luck! :)


sarah telfer
on 11/4/12 4:00 am - cambridge, Canada
Yeah I started optifast the liquid shakes on October 25th. I've lost 16.4 so far... I'm super paranoid lol. Have you had your surgery yet?

Sarah ann
on 11/4/12 4:08 am - NH

I think that part of being morbidly obese is having a fatty liver and I honestly do not think that a couple of small pieces of chicken are going to change that. I did not have a pre-op diet, just the colon cleanse the day before surgery. 

I always say that you should follow your surgeons plan and am not saying that you shouldn't. Put that behind you and don't worry. Drink all of the water that you are instructed to. That will help you (hopefully) to not have the desire to go off plan.


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on 11/4/12 4:28 am - OH

As long as that chicken wasn't real fatty, it probably will not have a negative impact on your liver.  I don't think it will keep you from being able to have surgery.  That doesn't mean I think you should eat stuff that's not on your pre op diet, but I don't think you did any damage, either.

I suggest you spend some time thinking about what did come over you last night.  You're certainly not the only person to cheat on their pre op diet, and I think people do it for lots of different reasons.  Some do it because they feel so hungry on all liquids that they are miserable, some do it because they are scared of not being able to eat food they like ever again, some do it because they are very stressed or anxious and food is the best way they know to comfort themselves, etc. 

Instead of being disappointed in yourself, use it as a learning experience.  Figure out why you ate it and make a plan for what you'll do next time.  Just saying "Next time I'm anxious I won't use food to comfort myself" isn't a very good plan, by the way.  Figure out what  you'll do to comfort yourself instead of eating, if that's the issue for you.

You're learning to do new things and you're not going to be perfect at first.  If you were learning to ride a bike, you might fall off it a few times before you learned to ride perfectly, right?  the important thing is that you learn something from falling off so you don't keep doing it over and over again.

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Please note: I AM NOT A DOCTOR.  If you want medical advice, talk to your doctor.  Whatever I post, there is probably some surgeon or other health care provider somewhere that disagrees with me.  If you want to know what your surgeon thinks, then ask him or her.    Check out my blog.


on 11/4/12 5:26 am

There is a lot of worse food you could have cheated with.  Chicken is protein so that is good.  How it was prepared could be a problem. If you have lost 16 lbs you are going to be fine.  2 pieces of chicken in one week of a liquid diet won't be an issue.  Just get back on track.    I was on Optifast for 6 weeks.  The Sunday before my surgery (Wednesday) I hosted my daughter's high school graduation party.  I did have a chicken breast (without the skin or coating).  I was fine.



J. Myers
on 11/4/12 5:42 am - PA
I can't comment because I ate my whole 2 weeks I was supposed to b on liquid AND GAINED 2 LBS..........all u can do is try. If u mess up try again tomorrow
on 11/4/12 5:51 am
RNY on 10/26/12

You are not a failure because you cheated on the pre-op diet.  I had my moments as's really hard!  As long as you are continuing to lose, try to follow strictly for the next few days.  You don't want to be converted from Lap to open.  

Hang in there are almost there!


on 11/4/12 5:59 am - Canada

Do Not cheat or they may go in and refuse to continue with surgery.  We were allowed to eat broccoli, cucumber, lettuce with vinegar or lemon.  No other food and Optifast.  To stick to it I reminded  myself they said if they go in and your liver has not shrunk they won't do the surgery.

on 11/4/12 6:55 am - KY
RNY on 09/25/12

Did the surgeon say that the surgery wouldn't be done if your liver didn't shrink?  In my case, it was going to be done by laparoscopy, unless the liver got in the way, then it would be done open.  Not any mention of not doing the surgery. I agree with some of the previous posts, in that two small pieces of chicken is not going to make that big of a difference.  Just get back on track!

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