on 11/6/12 3:43 am
RNY on 09/17/12 with

I LOVE hummus...pretty much all kinds.  So, I bought some for the first time since surgery the other day at the store (it's olive) and had some night before last.  My stomach hurt so bad but I had also had a sugar free mini ice cream sandwich later on and thought maybe it was that.  Today, I had some more and stomach hurts again.  Can I just not tolerate it now?  And what in it makes me not be able to?

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Kim S.
on 11/6/12 3:58 am - Helena, AL

Lord only knows!  Sometimes you can't handle certain foods for a while, and some you will never tolerate again.  Just give it some time and try again. 

After surgery, I couldn't bear the thought of egg salad.  Until 2 weeks ago....3.5 years after surgery!  All of a sudden I wanted it and had it and it was good.

Go figure!

on 11/6/12 3:59 am - OH

I dunno why hummus would hurt your stomach.  I love it.  Eat it all the time.

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on 11/6/12 5:21 am

Do you think it's gas, bloating from the beans?  I don't get gas from it but serious bloating from the carbs.

Wait a few weeks and give it another try.

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on 11/6/12 6:08 am
RNY on 09/17/12

Could it be the flavor of the hummus?

on 11/6/12 8:24 am - NY
It may also be the fat content. I find many brands/flavors are high in fat and do not sit well in the pouch.
on 11/6/12 8:47 am - Rochester, NY

were you eating anything with the hummus?

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on 11/6/12 10:05 am
RNY on 09/17/12 with

Yes, I had a few pretzels but I've had them before and not had a problem.  I think it was either the hummus itself or the olives. I'll try it again later on lol.

HW: 260 SW: 254 DOS:227 CW: 175   27lbs lost before surgery

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