Skin Yeast Infection

on 11/15/12 10:23 pm
RNY on 09/17/12 with

Anyone else get a yeast infection on your skin about 2mths out?  I've never had an external yeast infection and was wondering if it was because I'm not taking  a probiotic?

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on 11/15/12 11:33 pm - MA
RNY on 08/14/12 with

Not one on my skin, but I've been fighting vaginal yeast infections since my pre-op liquid diet. I've tried everything, and it just won't go away. I think we finally have it under control with a long-term course of Diflucan, though. 

Since yours is on your skin, you might try an anti-fungal cream. Adding probiotics might help, too.  If nothing else works, go see your doctor to get a prescription-strength cream or medication. Good luck!


on 11/16/12 1:34 am - MO
RNY on 06/06/12

I have had trouble with them for several years.   Took 2 years just to get  them correctly diagnosed.

Yyou can use any topical otc cream for them. Even the miconizal u would use internaly will work.  (plz ignor my spelling) Your gp or surgon should be able to get u some stronger creams and powders for it also. Also try the INTERDRY it is sold on the net and at home med supply stores. it is wonderful.

Keep the area dry. after bathing pat dry then blow dry, apply cream or powder and use paper towels in skin folds or under breasts. Changing when they become damp. Or I made my own littel clothes from towels or cotton flannel and washed in hot w/bleach to kill the yeast.(now i used the interdry until skin removal)

 Hope this helps . Hugs...

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on 11/16/12 7:21 am
Been there. Get doc to prescribe topical clotrimazole and bethamethasone. BEST EVER! Anti-fungal and anti-yeast. Used it for rashes under arms, under breast, under skin folds, inside belly button and even was prescribed to help symptoms of yeast infection down yonder. Truly s wonder cream. Use 2X a day...don't skip. It will take whatever you have away. Keep area dry, clean and put cream on enough to coat but sparingly.

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