Which probiotic?

on 11/18/12 1:44 pm
RNY on 09/17/12 with

What brand of probiotic do I need?  I noticed they have several different kinds and I'm confused.  The chewable ones I have from BA are HORRIBLE and I can't take them.  I'm pretty sure that's why I developed a skin yeast infection...never had one before.

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on 11/18/12 8:14 pm
RNY on 01/10/12

I bought the only ones I could find that come in a bottle instead of a blister pack!  Beyond that, I'm no help.  It's the Accuflora brand. I get them at Target. The blister pack ones are a PITA, and much more expensive.  

I'll be curious to find out if there are brands that are actually better than others.  There are so, so, so many of them, and they all make outrageous claims.  My pharmacologist aunt does recommend taking them, and they seem to make a difference in my regularity (along with daily Smooth Move tea and Metamucil.)

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RNY on 07/11/11 with

The study that showed that more people lost weight post-gastric bypass used probiotics from Puritan's Pride but didn't specify which formulation. See this link: http://news.stanford.edu/news/2009/july8/probiotics-071309.html

I usually buy whatever is on sale from a reputable brand and try to take around 2 billion/day which is usually 2-3 caps depending on the formulation. I've also bought this one but can't say I see a difference between brands. http://www.puritan.com/acidophilus-probiotics-039/probiotic-acidophilus-complex-017990

Hope this helps.

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