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RNY on 10/29/12

Hi there, I am 4 weeks post op and I had my first dumping experience. Not fun! It happened after I drank a protein drink. Has anyone had problems with protein drinks after surgery?


I am also struggling with eating solid foods- everytime I try, I feel pressure as if it's stuck, them water won't even go down. I end up vomiting everything up. Once that happens I can drink water and eat soft foods and crackers. Do I need to just give it more time?

Thanks Tami

Citizen Kim
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Unless your protein drink is loaded with sugar, you won't have dumped.   Dumping is where undigested sugar hits the small intestine and gives you a multitude of symptoms such as heart racing, hot flashing, mental confusion etc ...

If what you had is an upset stomach it is more likely to be a lactose intolerance ...

What sort of solid foods are affecting you?   Is it everything that you eat?  If so, it is likely to be a stricture and you need to get an appointment with your surgeon.  If it is only some foods, then maybe you should stick with the ones you can tolerate for a while and reintroduce the others one at a time to see which ones really affect you ...

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RNY on 10/29/12

I think you are right! It could have been an upset stomach because my protein drinks did not have sugar, but was made with milk. I'll have watch more closely what is setting me off.

As for the solids foods - it's kind of random when I feel this pain in my chest.. It does feel like the pouch is blocked and the only relief is to vomit.  I ate turkey with no problem to other day, but tried to eat chicken and shrimp with no success. I think will give it a little more time, but if it continues I will call the dr. 

Thanks Tami

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RNY on 10/31/12

I make my protein drinks with unsweetened almond milk...skim milk was making my belly upset post-op!  I have also had that stuck feeling when I eat chicken or something; I can always tell food was a little too dry if I get that feeling.  I've been so nervous I'll get a stricture, but so far, so good.  (I'm 3-1/2 wks post-op.)  Good luck!

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Yes, if you are having trouble at 4 weeks, its probably just time....but you should probably call your surgeon to make sure you don't have a stricture.

As for dumping off a protein drink, I don't dump, but I did make a mistake in the early days by buying the wrong protein shake mix.  Actually it was my husband who didn't know enough and got one that is make for body builders and not for bariatric patients.   Its very high in protein, but doesn't have the same stats that all of the approved ones on my list have.   It made me feel sick twice, so I did some research on it and decided I wouldn't use it anymore.   

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Thanks - would mind sharing the names of the protein drinks you use?

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I have several  samples.  Syntrax nectar vanilla bean torte and Unjury Vanilla were the ones I like the most.

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Surgery August 9, 2012
HW = 225, SW= 205, CW 135 


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I use ISO-PURE Zero Carb.


Christy L.
on 11/25/12 10:57 am - TN

Sorry you are having problems keeping things down.  I haven't ever been sick enough to vomit, but I know that feeling.  Shrimp did me that way too, but it was bang bang shrimp and maybe because it was so spicy.  Give it time and you will start to tolerate more.  My protein of choice is EAS AdvantEdge Carb Control.  Tastes like a yoohoo in Chocolate fudge.  I buy them at Sams, but Walmart has them too. 



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RNY on 09/13/12

I get that stuck feeling once in awhile, and every time, it's because I get in a hurry and take too big a bite, or I don't chew my food well enough. As long as I take a very small bite, put my fork down and chew, chew, chew, I'm okay. But if I'm distracted and don't pay attention to what I'm doing, I try eating the way I used to, and food gets stuck, which really hurts! Goes away after a little while, though. And, if I eat too much too fast, it just flat comes back up! It's usually just a lot of foam, and once that passes, I'm okay.

You might try just taking more time to eat, and see if that helps.



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