Pity party...just one of "those" days!

on 11/27/12 10:34 pm - Raleigh, NC
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I hate that this waiting for insurance approval has got me so depressed...I am depressed about my weight, depressed that I have to jump through more hoops to try to get approved and the fear that they may deny me again. My hubby even pointed out this morning that I am just not myself. I am usually a glass half full type of person but lately it just seems so hard to be that person.

And to top it off in the elevator this morning coming into work, a group of guys that I know got on the elevator with me and were talking about me not having to wear my boot (I hurt my foot about a month ago) and one of the said "I thought that was the other "big" girl not her". It was like I was almost invisible and just a blow to my already fragile self view.

I know that there is nothing that I can do to speed up the process and I can only hope for the best. I have been doing what the dr and nutritionist have said so I can be resubmitted and hopefully approved...I have an appt tomorrow and then one of the 12th and then hopefully can be submitted again.

I am super proud of my hubby and the process he has made since his RNY surgery last week and I am doing my best to be encouraging even though I am struggling.

Thanks for reading my whining and the day can only go up from here right? ;)

Jennifer in NC (banded 09/08, band removed 11/19/12, approved for RNY 02/14/13, Surgery 2/27/13)


on 11/27/12 10:59 pm

(((Jennifer))) I hope your approval process goes well.  Hang in there!

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on 11/27/12 11:24 pm - Bessemer City, NC

Hang in there girlie... It's tough to always be positive... You should have called them out on the comment... maybe it would make them think twice before speaking... I'm hoping the best for you and you get your approval soon :)

on 11/28/12 4:31 am - Brea, CA

I agree! A call out is exactly what they needed. NO ONE deserves to be spoken to or about that way.

on 11/27/12 11:46 pm - Greeley, CO
RNY on 08/28/12

I know it can be torture waiting to get your approval.  Just try and relax, deep breaths! wink 

We are all here for you!  Good luck and hope you get your approval soon!  Keep us posted!


on 11/28/12 12:12 am - Raleigh, NC

Its funny because I think the insurance approval is just the first of many things during the process that you have to be patient for. It is a long lesson in behavioral changes and positive self motivation. This trip is definitely like an around the world trip not a hop skip and a jump. Think of this time as a getting ready time, and use it to your advantage. I actually got a personal trainer a month before surgery to help strengthen myself for the recovery phase.

I try to look at things in a more positive manner. I know it gets hard sometimes, but don't let it get you down. This time will be well worth it in the end.


I wish you all the best



on 11/28/12 12:20 am - NC

when things are really messed up, there will be someone or something that tries to take you to the limit.  so, there is nothing you can do on your end but have faith and prepare as if you have the insurance approval. dont let fear get to you. focus on doing things to help you. I have this book of quotes that help with comebacks-maybe something like that will make you feel more enpowered and get a much needed chuckle as well

on 11/28/12 1:31 am
RNY on 09/05/12

I would have told them, "Yeah, it is me, the big girl and to bend over, so I can put my foot in your Ass" !  I wish you would have called them out on that too !  Idiots!  You shouldn't feel bad because you work with Morons...... GOOD LUCK !


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on 11/28/12 2:11 am
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This will all be a memory before you know it.  You will get to where you want to be but not without some bumps and a whole lot of patients.  None of us losers got there overnight.  But believe me I can sympathize with the frustration. 

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on 11/28/12 2:28 am

Chin up. It really will get better. Some days (and weeks) it's hard to be positive.

Ignore the morons on the elevator. Some people just open mouth and insert foot.

I'm thinking good thoughts for you. Take care.

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