Putting things in perspective

on 12/11/12 4:15 am - Baltimore, MD

So yesterday I was out with my "sisters-in-law" (babydaddy's sisters...best term I have to describe them!) and I felt like I was being snacky that day. I took them to 7-Eleven and I picked up a packet of PB crackers and I'm in the car munching waiting on them to come out and chiding myself like "Ugh! Why exactly are you eating these crackers???"

Then SIL #1 gets in the passenger seat beside me. In the span of about five minutes she consumes: a packet of donut sticks, two hot dogs with buns and a slice of pizza.

So while I WAS being snacky (this is totally not a justification post) I can say that my snackiness now looks NOTHING like my snackiness pre-op which would have more closely resembled SIL's snackiness.

Just thought I'd share that.

Y'all should try academic non-op watching. It makes you feel just a little bit better about yourself. LOL.

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on 12/11/12 4:26 am - Brighton, IL

I have started to notice when hubby and I go out to eat how fast most people eat. I know I used to be the same way too so it's no wonder I ended up obese!



on 12/11/12 4:29 am - Sacramento, CA
I never noticed how much people eat until I had this surgery. Now I can't believe the amounts people eat and is hard for me to even think that I used to be one of those who would fill my plate to the rim and them go back for seconds! No, snacking now is nowhere near what it used to be.

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on 12/11/12 4:42 am

Yes ma'am.  I don't try to watch others eat but lately my boys' eating has increased tremendously!  They are 11 and 13 (growing boys) so although I understand WHY they have my checking account begging for mercy, lol.

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on 12/11/12 7:20 am - KY
RNY on 09/25/12

I've only been out, in a "restaurant" environment, a few times since surgery.  When I have been, I have found myself almost staring at people, as they eat.  Some people are so fast and aggressive in their eating, I sit and wonder, "Did I look like that?"  I know that the amount was similar, but I am just not sure if I was as hurried in my eating...I thought I was always a slow eater, until I had this surgery.  Now, I'm REALLY slow.  As I prepare foods for my husband and daughter I notice that their serving sizes are getting smaller...they notice too! lol  I'd like for them to be healthier, along with me! 

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on 12/11/12 7:37 am - OH

Yes.  A couple of weeks ago, I told a friend that I had to watch my dinner choice because I had consumed an ENTIRE bag of chips that afternoon.  She thought that I meant a full size bag (she asked if it made me sick), and then just shook her head at me when I clarified that it was a less than 2 ounce snack bag.  It took me a few seconds but then I realized that, from her perspective, it was ludicrous that I was trying to compensate a bit for having eaten that very small amount of chips.  From MY perspective, of course, the chips were an indulgence and called for being mindful of the nutritional composition of my dinner.


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on 12/11/12 10:38 am - PA
RNY on 01/03/12

Thank you for this!!  I do this from time to time and it really puts things back into perspective for me!  :) 

on 12/11/12 11:29 am
RNY on 08/27/12

Life is so strange now, lol. I know what you all mean abou****ching others eat these large amounts of food....that we prolly ate at one time. Even my husband who weighs 2 pounds and will never have a weight problem, the man consumes enough food to feed every one who posted on here in one meal. Someone once said...Life gets curiouser and curiouser...I believe it.

on 12/11/12 11:36 am - FL

 I remember the first Christmas party after surgery last year.  There were dips and chips etc.  I got just some of the dips but couldn't eat because I was disgusted with the slurping and slopping of food going on around me  (probably wasn't as bad as it seemed to me... but all I could imagine was pigs at a trough). And I KNOW I was way worse than those folks pre-op.  Way.

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