Weight loss..... and I never thought....

on 12/11/12 6:44 pm

So I had surgery three months ago today, and I am down 59 lbs!  I am super happy about this... I started my weight loss journey in February and my starting weight was 307lbs!!!! oh my goodness. I cant believe I was that heavy.. So on the day of surgery I was 278lbs...  and I am now 219lbs.. I am 25 years old and sometimes I feel like I should be losing faster???? My doctor said I was going to be down to 215lbs by last month and I am not even there yet??? hmmm. I dont think i get enough protein in, I think that may be my problem??

Also I never thought that I would look in the mirror and see myself as if I am still 307 lbs.... when I weigh 219!! I just keep thinking that I have almost lost 100lbs and I dont even see it sometimes... It is just crazy what your mind can do to you... I am not sure what I am asking but maybe some encouraging words that I am or am not on track???? T

Thank you and much appreciated in advance.... 

on 12/11/12 7:53 pm - Canada
Everyone looses at a different rate! You are doing great!! You are almost to onederland!!!!!

Take pictures and compare side by side to see the difference! A mirror doesn't show you how far you have come, only where you are now!!

Chin up! You are rocking this!

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on 12/11/12 8:02 pm

Thank you!!! I appreciate that... I need to upload some pictures on here...


on 12/11/12 8:06 pm, edited 12/11/12 8:07 pm

I don't think you need to lose faster. Keep following the guidelines and it will come off.


What concerns me is your statement:

"I dont think i get enough protein in,...."

This is important. You should know how much protein you are getting in by keeping track of it. 

on 12/11/12 8:18 pm

Well I am having a hard time getting the protein shakes down.... I dont know what it is but my taste has changed and I keep trying new one and they are sooo gross... I think they may be too sweet... Also I am having a hard time getting very much food in... I am trying really hard but i feel like I need to change what I eat... It is like I eat the same old thing.... Are there any websites you know of dedicated to WLS recipes??? I am sure there are alot but which ones do you recommend??  

on 12/11/12 8:43 pm
Agree with the other response. Take pictures and put them side-by-side. Any chance you kept an outfit from before surgery, try it back on if so it really helped my mind understand the changes.

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Darcy S.
on 12/11/12 9:20 pm - Clinton, CT
Sounds like your doing great! Here are some amazing sites for recipes and support. Www.theworldaccordingtoeggface.com www.bariatricfoodie.com www.mybariatricpantry.com has great protein bar sample packs and more. Have fun and check out the amazing recipes

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Leslie M.
on 12/11/12 10:53 pm - AL

You are doing great.   I always felt like I wasn't losing fast enough but as WLS patients we lose plenty fast enough!  We just don't feel it.

It took me a couple of years for my mind to catchup with my body.  I used to try on size 12's when I really only needed a 4!   And I did that for a quite some time.  We just get so used to being a certain size, its hard to see our true size initially. 

I was never a shake person.  I prefer the protein bars......Pure Protein from Wal-mart.....lots of protein and no-little sugar!

Keep up the good work!


(deactivated member)
on 12/11/12 11:05 pm

The best way for me to see my true size after surgery was in photos with other people.  Me standing next to my normal sized girl friend and me appearing as she did was the final reality check I needed!

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