Back problems after significant weight loss?

on 12/16/12 11:20 pm

I have developed a problem with my back/right hip since losing a lot of weight (190 lbs).  It happened in May of this year, woke up and it was really hurting me-a 10 on the pain scale some days.  I did not suffer from any type of injury or accident so I was thinking it was the way I was sleeping.  After MANY trips to MANY doctors and tests, it was determined that I have a group 'nerve impingement' in my lower back that radiates to my right hip and down my right leg (like sciatica).  It took some time and some med changes to control my pain to an almost bearable level where I could walk.  I lothe taking any pills now and it makes me crazy that I'm dependent on them (Tramadol and Gabapentin, not very effective either).  My job is very physical and I still suffer through it to make a paycheck and pay the bills.  I am in PT and just made a bunch of appts with a new doctor (we moved 2 months ago) and a chiro this week.  I hope this helps, so far the PT has been more painful than anything else.  My former PCP told me that he thought it might be from losing that much weight and the spine re-aligned and now my hip is titled.  Has anyone ever experienced this after losing a lot of weight?


on 12/16/12 11:38 pm
RNY on 02/28/12

I went to a chiropractor for the first time in my life when I was down about 185lbs.  It's been a big help.  I think I got lucky in that my Chrio isn't one of the ones that thinks a spinal adjustment will clear up a sinus infection and he isn't trying to sell me any herbs or lotions.



on 12/16/12 11:40 pm
RNY on 07/27/12

Lord I hope not.  One of the reasons that I had surgery was because of my back pain (spinal spondlosis (sp?))  I was really hoping that losing alot of weight would help.  I feel for you!

 RNY 7/27/12        
on 12/16/12 11:50 pm

I wouldn't worry--it will improve!  My back pain prior to wls was intense too, but different than now.  Losing the weight definately helped with that.


on 12/17/12 1:41 am - CA

Tell PT to take it easy or ask for a different PT.  Doing your abdominal and back exercises could help along with a bath at night, sleeping with large pillow between your toes.  Gentle adjustment may help from DO or good chiropractic.  If nothing works, I would go to a spinal surgeon and see what your options are.  Good luck

on 12/17/12 8:22 am - WI

My husband suffered with this exact kind of pain for 18 months.  He went to doctors...took pill after pill.  He went to Chiropractors...with no results.  Finally he talked to a friend who lent him this book. 8/ref=pd_sim_b_3. After about a month of doing these exercises...he is pain free.  I started doing the exercises this month for hip pain and it helped after the first  time exercising. We both continue the program to maintain our "pain free" status. 

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on 12/17/12 11:48 pm

Thanks Rocky!  I'm going to the library today and will check this out for sure!