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on 12/22/12 1:36 pm
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I thought it would be fun now. I thought it would be easier.  It's neither!  LOL  It's like I don't know where to shop now that I'm out of the plus size stores.  I knew exactly what fit well I have NO idea!  It's crazy...I don't trust my judgement anymore.  Jeans seem to be the worst.  I'm short, that in and of itself is hard to shop for in my area.  I feel like bootcut looks gross on me...maybe because I'm short?  Idk...I'm a bit overwhelmed lol.  I'm kind of in between sizes too so that doesn't help.  So, what's your favorite jeans if you're 5'2 and a size 14/16?

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on 12/22/12 1:56 pm - Morris, IL
RNY on 06/04/12

personally for me only skinny jeans look okay on me because my legs are so skinny minny compared to my waist. I went into walmart and tried on their jeans they have straight cut, boot cut, skinny etc and they have them in different lengths too. I refuse to spend a lot of money on jeans until I settle at a size.

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on 12/22/12 2:28 pm

Unfortunately the only way to know is to try on different sizes/styles.  It's likely to change as you lose additional weight.  I used to always go for bootcut (I'm tall) because my hips were on the wider side in comparison to my  waist but now I'm more proportionate so any style will do.



on 12/22/12 2:37 pm - PA

Try New York and co.!


on 12/22/12 3:18 pm - Sacramento, CA
I shop at RUE 21. It's for juniors, but since I have no butt or good, it's perfect!

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on 12/22/12 8:36 pm - PA
RNY on 08/06/12
I shop at the local thrift store for my jeans. I refuse and have not spent more then $5 on a pair of jeans. I have Gap, Eddie Bauer, Sarah Jessica Parker and Levi's. It i**** or miss with me trying on jeans. I take about 10 pairs of jeans into the fitting room and come out with 2-3 that I like on me and will buy.


Sara O.
on 12/22/12 9:47 pm - NC
RNY on 03/12/12

I'm exactly 5'2" so I know what you mean. Go to Old Navy and look at what they have in 14 or 16 SHORT. You might only be able to find skinny jeans in SHORT, but they will look fabulous on you. I love my skinny jeans! Also, try Levi's. I bought a pair of Levi's at Marshall's the other day and they were a SHORT as well. Petites are very hard to find. *sigh*

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RNY on 06/21/12

Hey, we are the same height and the same current weight! (Nearly the same high weight - mine was 270). I don't really have any advice for you - I have one pair of jeans and realized yesterday that they are getting slightly big. I am very non-committal with shopping now. I have a hard time guessing what will fit, don't always have time to try on (3 kids!) and not sure I want to pay when I don't know how long I'll be able to wear it. So I just keep wearing things for as long as I can. So, again, no advice - just sympathy!


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Jilly Bean
on 12/23/12 12:09 am - IN
RNY on 07/09/12

Super skinny jeans/cords from Old Navy!  I love them.  I wear a size 12 in them and feel TINY!  I wear regular length but you could try the short. They look great with boots or flats.


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on 12/23/12 1:04 am - WA

Jeans I think are the hardest think to find that fit and look nice on people.  Look for short or petite length. 

I live Lee jeans and always look for those in Goodwill or Value Village.  I could try on 15 pairs and only come away with one of two. 

I am tall so I wear boot cut.  I also have hips and thighs so I lookea bit of a stretch because the waist it normally too large. I also have to buy tall lengh and they are hard to find so when I find them and don't fit in them yet I still may buy them. If most of your weight is in the tummy and not legs try skinny jeans.  Also the even size numbers are misses size and the odd size numbers are junior size.  A junior size will be shorter in the rise and tighter   A misses size is more for someone who is not a teenage and wants a bit more coverage around the tummy area. A misses will provide a smoother coverage.

I am lucky as I can wear nice jeans to work so I stay with a dark rinse to keep it more professional looking.

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