I am 6 yrs out

sherry hernandez
on 12/27/12 5:38 pm - wimauma, FL
I am 6 yrs out and the honeymoon is over I have gained
Back 55 pounds from my lowest weight! HELP I need to get back on track
on 12/27/12 7:14 pm - MI

maybe start tracking what you are eating and start working out..

on 12/27/12 9:19 pm
RNY on 12/13/12

I agree.  You should start tracking what you are eating.  I use myfitnesspal.com and they even have an app for your iphone or android.  It's free and it's one of the best calorie counters I've ever used.  Good luck!

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on 12/27/12 9:34 pm

I am over 3 years out, and had gained about 10-11 pounds over where I wanted to be.  When I went to my three year group at Kaiser, the nutritionist said that if you see your weight creeping up again, to eliminate the snacks, and to eat only 3 meals a day.  She said to eat protein first with your 3 meals, the denser the better, like steak, and to then eat some veggies once you have eaten your protein.  I tried this, it was hard at first, but as I kept going, the weight started slipping off.  I lost 13 pounds in just two months.  I got to the point where I met my goal again, and could start adding a little more food to maintain my weight.  It is not easy to do, but the benefits are more than worth it. 

I also cut out the calcium chews, as I figured out that those were over 150 calories extra per day, so look at the things you are eating, you may be surprised at the calories you are consuming. Good luck!

Laura in Texas
on 12/27/12 9:43 pm

I would track what you eat on an average day now and cut back about 500 calories a day. And increase your exercise. You can do this!!

Laura in Texas

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Kim S.
on 12/27/12 11:12 pm - Helena, AL

Sherry, there is really nothing we can tell you that you don't already know.  We can, however, offer you support in your journey.  Everyone has times when they need it, and that is why we are here!  First and foremost, come to OH often for support.


A few tidbits:

1) Begin tracking everything you put into your mouth.  You can do that here on OH in the Health Tracker.  Or mobile apps like myfitnesspal.com.

2) Determine your RMR http://www.caloriesperhour.com/index_burn.php

3) Set your daily caloric level at your RMR - 500.  This will set you up to lose 1 lb per week, which is the safest level to shoot for AND it will give you enough food so you don't feel deprived.

4) Make 100-120 grams of protein per day your goal.  I eat a 6-7 oz chicken breast grilled every single day as one of my meals.  That alone is 53 grams of protein, and it is real food so I feel full.

5) Eat 6-7 small meals each day.  This will keep your blood sugar level and will keep you feeling full.

6) Exercise.  Everyday.  At least 30 minutes, and work up to an hour.  If your heart rate is up and you are sweating, you are good. And DO NOT MAKE THE EXCUSE THAT YOU DON'T HAVE TIME.  You have the same 24 hours in a day as the rest of us.....make it a priority!!

7)  Follow the rules of your surgery.  Do not drink with meals and do not drink for at least 30 minutes afterward.  Limit simple carbs and sugar, but don't completely eliminate them if you REALLY like/crave them.  If you do, you'll feel deprived, and we all know how well that has worked for us in the past.......

8)  Come here for support.  We are here for you.

on 12/27/12 11:34 pm - FL

To the people that have posted answers and started gaining weight.  Did you stop following the guidelines?  Protein first, no drinking with meals?  Make different food choices?

Diminishing Dawn
on 12/28/12 2:51 am - Windsor, Canada


If you are on facebook I run a group called Bariatric long-timers.  We have a subgroup for accountability too called

WLS regain 30 day challenge. You are most welcome to join us


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on 12/29/12 8:47 pm

Did you find that your pouch expaneded and you were able to eat again like you were used to??? Did you go back to using sugar???

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