OT-Update on me and Happy Friday!!!

on 1/10/13 8:58 pm

AHHHHH TGIF!!!  After a grueling, busy, productive work week, I'm happy its Friday!  We've been off from work for 3 weeks (the store we work as a merchandising team is too busy for us to be there during the holiday) and it has definitely taken some getting used to the routine of working again!  URGH!  It feels really good to be back at it though, and we did a lot of sets we're proud of.

My back/hip issue is getting better slowly with the help of the chiropractor adjustments and physical therapy.  I no longer need my hefty doses of Tramadol 3x a day now and take Tylenol if I need to when I get home.  I have a little lift in my right shoe now that I have to wear because the chiro said that leg is shorter.  I'm being cast next week for custom orthotics because I have always had flat, wide, pronated feet.  I've had orthotics before (the rigid ones) that I got from a podiatrist but they were very uncomfortable.  The ones I'm getting are soft, but supportive and they cost a lot less too ($120 instead of $500!) Insurance doesn't pay, so they chiro is going to order them and let me pay $20 a wee****il I pay it off, since we've been laid off from work.  My PT Jeff is kicking my ass every session, working my core and hips with various exercises, waking up muscles and stretching tendons that I didn't even know existed!!! LOL 

I got an appointment with a new PCP here (thankfully) and see him next week.  Thankfully, I didn't get blackballed here on the island and can still get medical care.  There are only a handful of physicans here and the wait is long, but I've heard good things about this doctor and am happy to build a new relationship with a good one!

I had my labs done through my wls team at the hospital here.  It was easier to have them fax over a lab order than try to explain every test I needed for the various levels that had to be checked.  It really irks me that we have to educate our own primary care doctors on the different things we need checked an  a lot of times, I've encountered resistance (probably insurance driven because it cost more $$$) I'm waiting for my nutritionist to call me back with the results as they are not all in yet. 

So its a nice day, the birds are chirping, sun is shining and our 3 babies are soundly sleeping all over the bed with my mate.  Life is good!  Happy Friday to all!


H.A.L.A B.
on 1/11/13 12:45 am

Yoga really helps my back issue.   And acupuncture (but that may be expensive). 

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on 1/11/13 6:03 am - Australia
RNY on 10/19/12

Yay  Mal, this post made me happy!

I'm glad your back is coming along and that your getting into a new pcp.

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