stop cooking

on 1/18/13 2:03 pm - Augusta, GA

i was watching a episode of steve harvey today and he had a guest who had gastric bypass in 2010.. she doesnt cook anymore   i feel the same way too.. i use to cook for the whole city if i could if i dont cook for weeks i am ok  but my kids miss hearty  meals

Lizzie S.
on 1/18/13 2:51 pm

Cooking can seem like a chore after surgery, but I can understand your kids wanting a hot meal.  Now is a great time to show them healthy eating by example.   there are a lot of great recipes at sites like "the world according to eggface" and "bariatric foodie" that are healthy for you after wls and you can always add a hearty side dish like rice or pasta just for them.  Don't know how old the kids are, but they would probably also enjoy the fact that you are eating together.

Lizzie S in OR

on 1/18/13 10:52 pm - Pfafftown, NC

I see you're 1+ year post-op, what are you eating if you don't cook?

I started cooking again at about 2 months out - as soon as I could have more than a bite of real protein.

While my husband has been "in it with me" - I try not to subject him to all of my limitations.

For instance, the other night for dinner we had:

  • Porterhouse steak - I had 3 oz of the tenderloin side, he ate the rest of it.
  • Roasted green beans with shallots
  • He had one medium yukon gold potato roasted with the green beans - I skipped the spud

I cooked, there wasn't a need to cook multiple meals (no short order cooking here), and we were both happy with our meal.

There are things he's not particularly fond of that make my eating easier - at more than a year out I can eat some whole grains (barley, farro, etc), and he doesn't like "chewy grain", so when I make something like that, I'll either do a second side dish for him, or he just doesn't get any - that's the closest I'll get to cooking special items.

We don't have the white lasagna I used to make anymore (for obvious reasons), and a few other dishes don't appear very frequently at all, but I've actually found I cook with more variety now than I did before (veal, lamb, seafood), in order to keep things interesting for me.


on 1/18/13 11:18 pm
RNY on 11/29/12

I use my crock pot about 3x a week.  I put frozen chicken tenderloins -usually about 2 lbs- in it (Have no problem with chicken breast as long as it's made in the crock pot) and whatever low cal sauce I want.  

Example:  I put in a bottle of  Lachoy terriyaki stir fry (10 cal for 1 tbs) and 6 oz pinapple juice (100 cal entire can). and a can of water chestnuts.  Let it cook on low throughout the day, break up the chicken when I come home.  I cook a steamer bag of water chestnuts for all to share.  Then,  I will make the kids and hubby brown rice to pour the chicken over and it's delish!  I get some sugar snap peas, a small portion of what's in the crock pot, using a slotted spoon to leave the extra sauce, and we all eat together.  I know it's not "cooking per-say", but it's an easy/healthy family meal that we all can enjoy.


on 1/19/13 3:01 am - FL

i cook on a once a week type of things...i cook alot of taco it for a meal, then freeze the rest..i cook a lot of spaghetti it for a meal or so, then freeze the rest....meatloaf, the same way..i make alot of it when i make it...huge bowl full..then take out what i want for dinner..the place the rest in servings for later on in the freezer...then on those days that are so packed full..i take out a baggie and let it thaw and there is dinner.... make sure you lable works best if you can freeze them laying flat as you have more room..that is what i need to get better at....chili, chicken chili, usually during the week, i will figure out couple of days i will be cooking...then dont cook for a couple of weeks since i have stuff in the usualy goes by what is in the when i take out the last bag of taco meat...then its tacos again pretty soon...but we eat alot of mexican(tacos)

my family makes them full out, i eat some what of a salad on my plate with my side of fruit...i have been making a tostada, its a small (4 inch) maybe corn tortilla and put my taco stuff on top of it..i brown it in a smidge of olive oil....

my family pretty much eats what i eat..but with a few swaps or so....we dont eat out as much as we use to since surgery thats for sure...

goog luck,have a blessed day


artroxy blue
on 1/19/13 3:27 am - MA
RNY on 08/14/12 with

I do cook, but definitely not like before. I really don't want to cook anymore--I don't enjoy it the same as before surgery, so I limit what I cook. I'm sure once I get things down better, I'll be better about meal planning an prep. 


on 1/19/13 10:47 pm - MN

How do you all eat if you don't cook?  I love cooking now that i have had surgery..its almost a challenge for me to make every meal as healthy and lowfat as i can.  I use my crock pot a lot too.  I cook chicken in a light sour cream, FF cream of chicken soup and lipton onion sup mix and cook it.  For my husband i make egg noodles and really i eat the egg noodles too just not nearly like i used to.  I eat less than 1/2 cup with my chicken stroganoff.  You can also cook this with beef instead of chicken.  The beef comes out absolutely tender and so good.  I eat my FAGE and Cottage cheese (usually with no sugar del monte pears) for snacks.  I eat toast too with cheese on it (2% or low fat of course).   I try different reipes i find on the internet  like at bariatric foodie or other places.  I try not to eat out a lot but we do probably a few times a month.  Others above have had excellent ideas like cooking and portioning out your meals and freezing them...good luck with this challenge.. 

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