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I've come across a few different types of "flour" and was wondering what kind is best/taste good?  Soy flour, oat flour, wheat flour?  I want to make stuff like pancakes, muffins, etc.

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Hey Shannon,

I use coconut flour corn flour and almond flour a lot- I make flour out of other nuts as well- we're gluten free but I try to keep it less carby/starchy as well 

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I am a big fan of cooking with spelt flour.  It works really well and has a lower glycemic index.  I just made blueberry muffins with half spelt and half whole wheat.  They were amazing.  If you are making muffins I always add way more fruit when cooking with whole wheat or other whole grains, it ups the moisture and makes for a yummier muffin.  And here is the best ever low carb pancake/waffle recipe ever:

Beat 1 cup cottage cheese till it is a little whipped

Beat in 4 eggs and 1/2 cup some kind of flour (I have used spelt, whole wheat, gluten free, anything works)

with mixer running add in 1/2 stick butter (you can do less here if you are worried about the fat content but I would add some)

that is it.  Batter done.  Use it for pancakes or waffles.  I have added walnuts or blueberries, I usually serve it with raspberry sauce (a bag of frozen raspberries heated on the stove and sweetened with something, stevia or splenda or whatever).  Sometimes I serve it with raspberries and a little greek yogurt on top, that ups the protein and also makes it a little less chewy and more moist which my pouch appreciates.  Have fun baking!



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Oh this is important, melt the butter first, oops :)

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Use whatever you want. Just pay attention to the nutritional info. Different flours will give you varying results, so experiment to see what you like. 

Good luck!


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RNY on 02/21/12

love coconut flour!


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