on 1/22/13 4:51 am - Baltimore, MD

Ok so I am guilty of "it."

It being that syndrome that affects vets wherein life sort of starts happening and we neglect the board. I was the main one to speak out against it and I am.

But in my defense I've at least been productive in that time and I do try to pop in for the What are you eating? thread.

But still...I just wanted to say hi and I've missed you guys. I lurk. I just haven't posted much. But I think of you always. guys rock. That is all. 

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on 1/22/13 4:57 am - MI

We know you are out there and are really good for inspiration.  I have been really following a lot of the vets ideas that I think will work for me.  These are good things to know in advance.

  Blessings,   Lynn    

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Paul C.
on 1/22/13 4:59 am - Cumming, GA



Who are you (said like the butterfly in Alice in Wonderland, the animated version)

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on 1/22/13 5:01 am - MN
its ok nik....i stalk ya enough on face book. lol
on 1/22/13 5:03 am - West Chester, PA

i haven't been around much either. damn thesis is killing me. i've been popping in but tending to look at threads that have to do with the thesis to give me some inspiration

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on 1/22/13 5:04 am - OH

It's good to see you post.  I hope that you are well.


You are missed!!!

on 1/22/13 5:05 am - MN
RNY on 06/21/12

You've been missed! But we understand - life happens. :)

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Oxford Comma Hag
on 1/22/13 5:20 am

Hey Nik!

How are you and the divas and Nana? (that is your dog's name, right?)

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on 1/22/13 6:05 am - Baltimore, MD

Well it was when he was a she but then she turned out to be a he, who is now Benji!

He's a bad butt but we love him. :)

The divas are charging toward adolescence with all the sarcasm and apathy that goes along with. Sigh. Will I ever like my children again?

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on 1/23/13 2:17 am - San Jose, CA

Yes, but not for a few years yet.  Then they start to mature and appreciate you again, and realize everything they're leaving when they go off to college, and how much they will miss you (or at least, all you do for them).  But there are moments now and then when you really, honestly feel so gosh darn proud of this child and they young, mature adult they have become.

And then, the first year they are gone, it's brutal, and you stalk them on Facebook just to see if you can find out what they've been up to, because they don't tell you.  And you miss them so much it hurts.

And then, another year or two passes, and you are so happy to see  when they come home to visit, but you are just as glad when they leave so you can have your house back to yourself.

So many phases we get to cherish...

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