hard candy addict

on 1/28/13 8:35 am - Augusta, GA

is hard candy ok to have? i am 2 yrs post op  i can go days without eating and and somewhat deficient...but i like hard candy jolly ranchers butterscoth or wethers original is that bad for me??

Oxford Comma Hag
on 1/28/13 9:30 am

Johnette, why aren't you eating?

And yes, hard candy is a poor choice in lieu of food.

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on 1/28/13 1:16 pm - OR
RNY on 08/20/12

I have a jar of sugar-free hard candies.  I've got sugar-free Life-Savers, sugar free Werther's, and some sugar-free cinnamon disks.  I found all of them at Walgreens.  I only eat them when I need something to "wet my whistle" or to moisten my mouth, usually at work.  Just be careful though because some people can't handle the sugar alcohols after RNY.

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