Something weird and wonderful happened to me today

on 2/4/13 10:31 pm - Baltimore, MD


Please keep in mind when you read this that I am five YEARS post-op and just now getting to this point. And I don’t know how I got here. I don’t credit myself, but God (and if you don’t believe in God that probably sounds like hooey but that’s where I am coming from).




I looked at myself in the mirror this morning and saw me.


No, you don’t understand. I saw ME.


I saw a woman who is tremendously smaller than she was five years ago. I saw muscle tone. I saw a nice shape. I saw me.

This was a moment for me. I kept staring, waiting for the person I usually see in the mirror: the scaled down 327 lb. woman with lumps and bumps and self-criticisms galore. But she wasn’t there.


I don’t know if this is just a today thing or if my brain is catching up with my body but I feel full of thankfulness. Thankful for this surgery. For my surgeon. For my family and friends and for all of you because you help me in my journey every day, even when I don’t post.

And since I share my downs with you, I thought I’d share an “up.” Today I saw me. And guess what? I look good!


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Kim S.
on 2/4/13 10:40 pm - Helena, AL

Thanks for sharing...and I pray this is your new reality, not just a today thing.

I've always seen the beautiful, strong, confident, gifted you....I'm glad you are getting to know her!

Hey!  Where's the BL updates this season???!!!

on 2/4/13 10:43 pm - Baltimore, MD

Sadly...I have not even watched the first full episode. This weekend the kids are gone so I'm going to catch up on OnDemand because I love me some Dolvett!

RNY Gastric Bypass 1-8-08 350/327/200 (HW/SW/CW). I spend most of my time playing with my food over at Bariatric Foodie - check me out!

on 2/4/13 10:55 pm - Bessemer City, NC

I love me some Dolvett too... He is awesome, inspiring, and really expresses how much he cares... and he is ohhhh so fine to look at :)

Kim S.
on 2/4/13 11:05 pm - Helena, AL

And girl, he is fine as good wine!  I look forward to your take on the season....

on 2/5/13 12:40 am - San Jose, CA

MmmmmMMMmm Dolvett.

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on 2/4/13 10:41 pm - Brighton, IL

Congratulations! Thanks for sharing your achievement with us. Maybe I'll get there someday too.



on 2/4/13 10:43 pm - MN
RNY on 06/21/12

So happy for you! Love having you on OH and sharing in all your moments, good and bad.



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on 2/4/13 10:59 pm - Collierville, TN

Glad to hear this does eventually happen.  I am really struggling with this right now.  It comes and goes, but right now it is back with a vengeance.    Congrats on seeing  You as you really are. :-)

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Joanna C.
on 2/4/13 11:02 pm
Your post made me smile. I am wondering when my eyes will catch up to what everyone keeps telling me. Well now I guess I just have to wait a few more years. Lol. I'm glad you had this moment. Thank you for all you do! I also had a moment today..... Finally hit onderland! Ha! I guess we will both be smiling extra big