Actually missing the girls

on 2/21/13 10:55 pm - OH
I never thought I would say that! Had my RNY on july 27,2012 and went from a 42DDD to not even a 34C. That's what I have on now and I know that cup is way too big so I'm guessing I'm probably a 32B. Anybody else still have shrinking girls?
Lori F.
on 2/21/13 10:58 pm - St. Clair Shores, MI
RNY on 12/27/12

Mine weren't too big to begin with but I have gone from a C to a B and even the B is getting to big.  I'm going to end up completely flat chested, I just know it.

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on 2/21/13 11:06 pm
RNY on 08/27/12

My boobs are all but gone and I was always the girl in my family with the big ones. I know now what my sisters felt like, lol. Oh well its just another price we pay for better health.

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on 2/21/13 11:08 pm
RNY on 04/18/12

That's about the ONLY thing I miss from my body!  I now have saggy, stretch-marked breasts, but I keep 'em holstered pretty well during the day so they look firm and are proportionate to the rest of my body.  Watch out when I take that bra off, though!

I might get 'em fixed some day and I might not.  My man doesn't really care, and as long as I am presentable in my clothing, I guess I don't either.

on 2/21/13 11:26 pm - VA

Oh man... that actually gives me hope. lol. What I would not give to buy a cute little lacy bra without 4 clasps across the back.  ;)  I'm sure it is a big change, though. Hang in there!

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on 2/22/13 2:28 am, edited 2/22/13 2:29 am
RNY on 05/07/12

Let me tell you, it's a great feeling to go from four hooks to two!!!!!   I may not have anything left of my boobs but I can wear cute bras and tops now without my boobs taking up all the space on top!!!!  I am wearing clothes now that just blow my socks off!  Jane

on 2/21/13 11:30 pm - MI

I have always been big in the bust department, but at 60 gravity has taken its toll, along with some tissue loss.  I am prepared for having *rocks in socks*.  I'll just roll 'em up and stick 'em in a bra.  I will look okay with clothes on, but naked??????  NEVER!

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on 2/21/13 11:41 pm - savannah, GA
RNY on 12/04/12

I have been struggling with this lately. Have a decent set of D's was the only good part about being so big. Now Im about a B and im only 87lbs down. Im feel selfconcious around my husband for the first time ever. But its nice to look,better in my clothes :)

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on 2/21/13 11:55 pm - FL

well i have the exact opposite problem....after 100 pounds lost....i am still at a 42DD, and most likely if i could find them a DDD but those are hard to find in the stores....but they headed south many, many years ago and are still headed that way today...i would say i have deflated beach balls just not deflated all the way....

i have thought about checking into getting a reduction..but who knows....some day..

have a blessed day


on 2/22/13 12:24 am - Sacramento, CA
I actually welcomed the smaller boobs! I was a 42 DD and I'm a 34C now, probably could do a B. I'm glad they're smaller! It was such a hassle to find good support. Now I just go to Fredericks. Easy-peasy!

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