Any help on losing

on 2/28/13 2:47 am - NC

I am almost 2 years post op and I am getting ready for plastics. I would like to lose 8-10 pounds in 2 weeks.  Any help or suggestions to get there before?  Also any help on different things to eat to help promote weight loss.  Also I am having issues with constipation which may be why I can't seem to loss this?  Any suggestions?  Also help in getting water in?  Lately getting water in has been a chore.  I had a endoscopy and everything is fine.  Please help!!

on 2/28/13 4:22 am
I would go back to basics:
Protein first. Take 3 bites of protein, then 1 bite of veggies, repeat. I've heard that
some Plastic Surgeons want you to get in at least 100 grams of protein in daily.
check with your surgeon.
Exercise. You're surgeon will probably want you to lay off certain exercises post op.
Get a minimum of 64 oz water. Some cell phones and iPods have apps to remind
you to drink your water. Any liquids count that are non caffeinated, non
carbonated & non alcoholic.
Take your suppliments.

It's difficult to go back to the way things were post op RNY, but I find the more I stick to the rules, the better I feel.
Congrats on the upcoming Plastic Surgery!! I'm completely jealous!
on 2/28/13 6:47 am

I am about a year and a half out and am not where I want to be because I had a bad hip that was holding back me exercising.Now that I am exercising 2 hours a day I am doing better. I still measure what I eat because I noticed for awhile that I was slowly adding a little more food on my plate without thought. what was said earlier is correct eat a couple bites of protein then vegetable with lots of fiber, fiber will help you feel full. stay away from processed foods a lot have hidden corn syrup that isnt listed on the label. They also contain a lot of other ingredients that are bad for you. i shop around the outside of market only. meat, seafood, produce, dairy. I eat lots of yogurt and that also helps with my constipation. You used to get enough water in, think how that happened and go back to that habit. wish you all the best, hope all goes well with your plastic surgery.

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on 2/28/13 4:36 pm
RNY on 05/01/13

I have had terrible constipation most of my ling wife, due to medication side effects. Water....I heard one ounce of water for every pound of body weight, just to stay hydrated. 

What I do...lemon juice in water is a aid in getting unconstipated.

Also, flax seed, ground up, and mixed in protien powder....I mix it in my breakfast smoothie, and have a shot of cold ale vera juice each day.

Another practical trick...lean all the way forward on the not sit straight up and down...this opens the plumbling completely open so that gravity can help you....

also exercise, 


idk.....I am pre op so I don't know if you can take this or not, I use 1 ounce extra virgin coconut oil 

and on the alternate day I use one tablespoon of backstrap molasses (sweet)

if the consitpation is really bad your doctor may be able to prescribe some colace for you or a suppository.

People tell me miralax.....all of my medications cause me constipation and miralax does absolutely nothing to help.

Diet wise, I  eat prunes, green vegetables, like spinach, cabbage, green veggies. and a bit of fat free yogurt with live cultures. 

There is always an enema if  a person REALLY can't's gross, and it's effective. Your pharmacist can tell you how to use it. 

I am kind of nervous about the bypass myself, just because of this issue, my doctor did not do any kind of GI scope prior to my surgery and that seems a bit odd to me. I went to my primary today and asked for one just to make sure. 

Hope it helps....

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on 2/28/13 4:36 pm
RNY on 05/01/13

ah typos:  aloe vera, not ale vera. ......and I was trying to say most of my long life.....not married, here. LOL.  Im tired. Bettedr be getting some sleep LOL

on 3/1/13 9:11 am - NC
Thanks for the information. Good luck on your surgery! If you have any questions I'll be glad to help. I'm getting ready for plastics. Can't wait but nervous. Let me know if I can help you! Congratulations on your new life starting! !!