Food is for fuel ONLY!

on 3/13/13 3:17 am - Baltimore, MD

...and other potentially destructive stories we tell ourselves fresh out of surgery.

That's the subject of my latest OH blog post. Check it out and be sure to leave a comment. Join the conversation! ght-2/

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MyLady Heidi
on 3/13/13 3:34 am

Your blog is correct, there is no such thing as forever.  I keep myself at goal because I know there are people out there who would just love to see me regain and I will NEVER give them the satisfaction.  Weigh has always been a big issue in every aspect of my life and I did some really dumb things because I was insecure about my weight, never ******g ever again, will that **** happen, not in this lifetime anyway.

On another note you are a cutie!

on 3/13/13 3:55 am

True. Well written.

on 3/13/13 4:08 am

Excellent post, great thoughts!!!  I cringe when I read gone only takes a little time to see those that are struggling to realize it's never gone forever.  Can we be determined and diligent to keep it (mostly) off, sure can but it's work



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Kim S.
on 3/13/13 4:13 am - Helena, AL

I cringe at the ones that are slaves to a number.  Hell be damned they are gonna weigh xxxx.  And they'll starve, develop a nice little eating disorder or whatever to get there....and then be miserable trying to stay there, and the moment they bobble a few ounces..........they are "failures". 

I guess I'd gained and lost so many times in my life and I felt so bad physically, this journey really was about good health....i never cared about a number, a goal weight or anything....I just wanted to be healthy and active.  I guess I'm at "goal" because I don't lose anymore........I am NOT however, in the "normal" range on the BMI chart........I'm still overweight.......whatever, I'm healthy and can run and lift weights like nobody's business.........THAT is success!!

on 3/13/13 5:29 am - Baltimore, MD

You and me both. I'm still overweight by BM standards but I am  not a slave to the number. And as you said in your blog comment I am no longer so obsessive about food. When you get out of your own way (as you pointed out) you find you don't really crave the unhealthy stuff as much as you think you do. I eat what I like to eat. I exercise. I do need to work on my water intake but that's a whole other blog post...

RNY Gastric Bypass 1-8-08 350/327/200 (HW/SW/CW). I spend most of my time playing with my food over at Bariatric Foodie - check me out!

on 3/13/13 6:50 am

I agree Kim.  I've been fortunate to lose easily and maintain with some movement up and down and I do weigh very frequently.  It doesn't dictate my success though or I don't freak out or panic when the scale moves.  I make adjustments as needed.  Even if I gained a little I'd still feel successful because my expectations were higher than this and I know I'd still feel comfortable and look healthy at a higher weight.

I actually IMO lost too much there for a while after my divorce and didn't like that look at all.  I'm thankful for putting some of that weight back on.  This weight loss was more of a freak out than the 7 lbs I gained in 2008. 

Proximal RNY Lap - 02/21/05

 9 years committed ~  100% EWL and Maintaining


Kim S.
on 3/13/13 4:08 am - Helena, AL

Read it, commented on it.  Thanks chick!

Neen L.
on 3/13/13 4:26 am - Arlington, VA

GREAT post, Nik!

I was terrified that I'd need to adopt the "food is just fuel" mentality in order to maintain, but loved baking so much that when I gave it up I felt miserable. I realized that cooking was a huge part of my life---something that made me feel at home, reminded me of family, let me be creative, and let me share with others. How could I take that away from myself? For me, the kitchen is a meeting place. It's where I sit and talk to my dad while we knead bread dough and roll pasta, it's where I hang out with my family when we're all home in Pittsburgh, and sometimes it's even how I work through my feelings. So I have continued to celebrate and enjoy everything I eat. I have little portions of any delicious thing I like.

And regain? OH yeah. I thought "gone forever" too, but I gained 20 lbs after I was 2 years post-op. I've since lost that and another 15 since, but I accept that weight is always fluctuating. Life throws different challenges at us every day and sometimes our focus falls away from being all about a good diet. The only constant thing in life is change. I thought that I would never eat bread again, but here I am nine years post-op eating the same thing any average person does. The only difference between my diet and a clean non-op one is that my portions are slightly smaller.

Thanks for the reminder to keep trying every day and accepting that what "my best" is today might be very different tomorrow.

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Kim S.
on 3/13/13 6:43 am - Helena, AL

You know Neen, I cook as a hobby, a release, a way to inner is a big part of who I am.  And I eat most of what I cook.  I tried to give up cooking the "bad stuff" and the baking, but it made me sad.  I then decided that I can still do it and enjoy the things I make, just in smaller amounts.  As I sit here I'm planning my weekly grocery trip whi*****ludes items for a Sunday dinner for a special guest....and I'm making one of my faves...cheesecake.....I get excited just thinking about getting all the tools out and MAKING it...I don't even really think about eating it....and actually I wont be eating this one because I gave up desserts for Lent....

So I guess my message is I'm so glad to know that you continued an important tradition in your life, one that brings happiness.