Getting out of the hospital on Monday :)

on 3/16/13 10:49 am

Well the future is bright!  I am getting out of the in-patient psychiatric facility I signed myself into on Friday after being cleared medically at the same hospital.  I am on some good medication to help me get over the PTSD, Anxiety and now a bit of depression (because since I've been here on Tuesday I haven't had one visitor :() I'm planning on getting a place somewhere up north (new hampshire or maine) because I can live wherever I want and I'm collecting unemployment while I heal up completely from my appendix surgery (which was Tuesday night at 9:30 p.m.


More to come...Thank you for your continued prayers~~


on 3/16/13 11:37 am

Prayers stay strong. Life will getting better

Hugs from Maryland


on 3/16/13 11:39 am - MI

Mal - Keeping you in prayer for full recovery in both body & mind.  And, some hugs!

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  Blessings,   Lynn    

Band to RnY - 3/13/13

on 3/16/13 12:48 pm - Brighton, IL

Keeping you in prayer for both physical and emotional healing. You aren't alone Mal, you have all of us here rooting for you too. You have a great chance now to make your life exactly what you want it to be. How exciting!



on 3/16/13 1:23 pm - OH
RNY on 07/02/13 with

I hope all goes well for you on Monday! Keep your head up and you can do this! Remind your self of this daily~! Keep us updated as to where you are and how things are going! Will be praying for you, Mal!


on 3/16/13 4:10 pm
Praying for you
H.A.L.A B.
on 3/16/13 11:32 pm
Bunch of bear hugs....

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