Now it's getting personal...

on 3/18/13 10:40 am - Baltimore, MD

My 4th blog post is up on the homepage and as we get closer to my 'surgery age' my insights become a bit more personal. This is stuff I've RECENTLY gone through - or still am! 

In today's post I talk about what I call "bariatric adolescence" - that strange period when you're no longer a new post-op but not get a "veteran" per se. When life catches up and the scale slows down. What stories do we tell ourselves in this pivotal time? And what stories do we NEED to tell ourselves to keep moving toward success?

I'd love for you guys to read my thoughts and leave a blog post comment. I think this is such an important subject and a conversation that needs to keep going.

Thanks guys!

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on 3/18/13 10:57 am
RNY on 06/14/12

Great post. I love the things you make me think about and your writing style. 

Thank you! 


on 3/18/13 11:16 am - Brighton, IL

You need to write a book Nik.I for one would buy it!



on 3/18/13 1:28 pm
I love your perspective! Great read!
on 3/18/13 3:18 pm - Retirement Ville, AZ

I, too, love to read all about your adventure.  What a gift you have with your writing! What a wonderful perspective you bring. Gosh, I never thought of things like a "bariatric adolescence".  I second the motion, think about writing a book ... I know I will buy it!  

Thanks so much for all you share and the human and humorous way in which you do it!

BTW, I can hardly believe your before and after pics.  WOW!  You were always a very pretty woman but you are stunning at this point.  Good for you.

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MyLady Heidi
on 3/18/13 3:35 pm

For me regain is not an option, nor is failure to maintain at my goal weight.  My life is filled with failures and mistakes, bad relationships, stupid decisions etc, so for me to fail myself here would be devastating, so its a non option.  I knew I would never exercise, so I never have, my losses and maintenance are through diet alone.

Sherry T.
on 3/18/13 9:13 pm - GA
RNY on 05/22/12

This is so where i am!  Even though I haven't made my year yet...I don't feel like a newbie anymore and like having a baby, all those trials and tribulations of the process of getting approval and the surgery are long gone....because I feel so amazingly better.  When the weight did effortlessly fall off....when you are going through it and wanting it to magically really is happening.  Now one divorce, new job (which is a start up), and going back to college and one ADHD kid going through a medicine change, life does tend to take over and I am only human....learning to deal with the stress minus the cookies. Heck giving up soda was life altering enough! LOL   I test the waters...but the pouch keeps me in check....and I know the day is going to come when she's going to be way more accepting so I'm still trying to find my way......I know what I need to do...cook more...water....exercise and take care of me! 

I second guess what I'm doing and if I'm doing enough or could I do better?  I will say I'm a faithful tracker so that helps....cant wait to read what others post.....I still would like to lose 70-80 more doctor says it will probably take me till 18 months out to reach my goal....but that's 10 pounds a month...I'm not there anymore...since I've hit 6 best has been 9 low 5 pounds....but I'm losing so for that I'm always grateful.   Mentally, I've got to figure out how to handle it at 18 months out and I'm still not there....or maybe I will be?  Spring is on the way and I know what i've got to do....getting through this first semester of school and getting busy!

Take care everyone!


on 3/19/13 12:41 am - Canada

Wonderful post!  I would call myself in bariatric adolescence.  At 17 months out, my weight loss has stopped.  Actually stopped 4 months ago.  Life is back to normal - work, family and all the stress that comes along with both.  I can definitely eat more and there is very little that I can't handle including sugar.  Yes, I am one of those people who don't really dump.  So I have to be careful.  Since my scale has not moved in either direction, I have been a little daring with my food intake.  Stupid, yes!  I know that the scale is going to move eventually and not in the direction I want it to.  I mean, I am happy where I am at weight wise.  I never dreamt that I would be at 148 lbs again.  I consider myself at goal and a success.  BUT, I also know if I continue on letting in some of that bad food, the weight is going to creep up again.  Early on, I was one of those people who said NEVER will I go off plan.  NEVER will I gain back any weight.  Granted a few people do just that.  I mean a few.  I think realistically, we are all going to fall back into some bad habits.  Whether it's with food or less exercise.  It's reality for most of us. I mean, really, are we never going to have a cookie or piece of chocolate again?  Are we never going to miss a night or a week of exercise?  It's life.  But it's all in how we handle these situations as to whether we will be a true success.  Make your 'mistake' and get back on the horse.  Try your best.  Take advantage of your dietician, surgeon, and support system.  Be happy about how far you have come and try your best to keep going.  Know life will get in the way and 'mistakes' will be made. Don't fret and move forward!  We all know what to do.

Your blog is awesome by the way and you are an inspiration to all. 



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