Calling all my tall girls....what weight did you start in your WL journey/end up at?

on 3/24/13 1:57 am - Raleigh, NC
RNY on 02/27/13 with

I am pretty tall...5'11"....just wondered what weight you started at and what weight you hope to/or are at now? I would love to get to 190 (the lowest weight I remember a freshman in college). It almost seems unbelievable that I could get smaller than that but also pretty exciting to think that it could happen! :)

Jennifer in NC (banded 09/08, band removed 11/19/12, approved for RNY 02/14/13, Surgery 2/27/13)


on 3/24/13 2:07 am
RNY on 11/04/12
I'm 5 11 too. Highest weight was 281. Surgery on 11 04 2012 and I am currently 208. My goal is 170. I am currently wearing size 14 jeans from old navy or jones of ny. Size large or xl shirts. I want to be a size 10. So 165 to 175 in a normal BMI range and should equal to a size 10/12.
on 3/24/13 2:12 am - Raleigh, NC
RNY on 02/27/13 with

Thanks so much for your reply! I was daydreaming yesterday looking at the Old Navy website and looking forward to the day that I can go in and by clothes off the rack instead of having to buy online with them! I can wear their XXL shirts but way!

Jennifer in NC (banded 09/08, band removed 11/19/12, approved for RNY 02/14/13, Surgery 2/27/13)


on 3/24/13 2:21 am
I am 5"11 too-- I am 3 years out was 365 now I am 190, want to get to 180, I wear size 16 pants and large shirts ( I still like to wear XL shirts ( lol. If it is a good brand of pants I can wear size 14-- I was so excited the day I walked into a Old Navy store and walked out with some pants and shirts.. Even if I dont get to 180 I am happy and healthy with the way I am now... Living life and lovin it take care and you can do it girl one day at a time... We tall girls have to stick together
on 3/24/13 2:46 am - El Paso, TX

I'm the short one here at 5'10'' I'll be having surgery in April and currently 240. My "goal" weight is 160 can you imagine! I've never been 160. I was 175 in high school and looked pretty good :)

These are exciting times!

on 3/24/13 3:22 am

I'm 5 10 and I started out at 285. I am currently down to about 193, and wearing a size 14 comfortably / or snug size 12, size L or XL tops/sweater.  I was hoping to get down to 150, but that may not be realistic.  My weight has been really stalled for several months, and my body doesn't really want to seem to lose any more even though I'm still getting all my protein, eating around 1000 calories/day, etc....  I'm kind of frustrated, because I'll only be a year out next week.  I was hoping to lose more and for a longer time period.  Best of luck!

on 3/24/13 6:16 am - WA

I am also a short one here at 5'9" and my highest weight was 286.  My current weight now is 163 and I wanted to get to 150 however I am looking good now. I currently still wear a large shirt most days.  Sometimes med. due to my broad shoulders.

My jeans are between an 8 and a 10 depending on brand and such.  My mom is 5'11 1/2 and she is 160 and said she wears a 12 however, I think she may be a 10 and just doesn't realize it.   In H.S and my early 20's I was between 155-165 pounds so I think I am doing pretty good being only 7 months out.

My husband thinks it looks like I weigh 135-140 and can't believe it when I tell him I am 163. It is much easier to find tall jean in misses sizes than it was for me in plus size also. 

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on 3/24/13 7:15 am

I'm 5'11 also and my starting weight was about 350. I hope to get down to around 190 also I think if I was smaller I would look too small. I would like to wear a size smaller than 14 though.

on 3/24/13 9:15 am - chicago, IL

I am 5"9 my surgery weight (8-16-12) was 336 lbs.  I now weigh 227 lbs. My goal is under anything under 200 lbs. everyone say I carry it well, and I am very happy with my results! 

on 3/24/13 9:30 am - CA

I am 5'8" I started at 379 lbs, I am still a work in progress I now weigh 260. My personal goal is 180, My surgeons goal is 160..

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