Cleopatra_Nik - Thank you!

on 3/24/13 7:35 am - Raleigh, NC
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I used one of your recipes with a southern twist and I have to thank you, thank you, thank you! Today was the first time that I felt like a normal eating person! lol I don't know if it was because I was actually cooking/making something and not eating something out of a can/container etc. or that I was excited to see the end result! lol

I had read your recipe Three cheese and roasted tomato spread recipe and thought it would translate well to pimento cheese and it did with a few additions of pimento, onion and swiss cheese.

I can't wait to make some of your other recipes and am so grateful for people like you that help those of us that are so new to this!!

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Sherry T.
on 3/24/13 8:21 am - GA
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Same for me too! You have to try the Taco Casserole, it's to die for! I had not made it in a while but I got in the kitchen yesterday and cooked up a storm....I made spaghetti with meat sauce and taco casserole....made way to much spaghetti but my son loves it and I saved 3 servings of taco casserole and froze the rest! Glad I did cause everyone my Mom has talked to she has offered them some since she's enjoyed two servings her self!! I finally told her I don't mind if they have it but it's frozen! LOL I wanted to save some for after work/school and I don't want to stop and buy something. 

I just ordered a Pampered Self Single Serving Stoneware cooker....can't wait to try it out...thinking mini meatloafs and I'm sure other opportunities to use it!

Just had to add to your comment, it felt really good to be in the kitchen and I didn't even mind doing the dishes with all this new found energy.  So, that's my goal is to find something good to cook for next weekend and freeze up.  Maybe if I do it enough I will have enough stash that I can have enough to just grab and cook it. 

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I will definitely have to try that...sounds like something both me and my hubby would love! I love hearing from other people about what they liked and eat because it helps me decide what to make! :)

Thanks again!

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on 3/24/13 10:09 am - TX
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I am making the taco casserole tomorrow. Got ingredients today. I have heard about or for months and am now ready to eat something like that. I know we all will love it. There are also a ton more recipes I need to try now that I am 2 months out.



on 3/24/13 12:42 pm - Somewhere in, MI

I made taco Caserole today too!! My fiancé loves it, he can't believe it's "diet" food, lol! I love, love Batiatric Foodie (Nik), makes feel normal... Enjoy your pimento cheese!


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