Month+ long stall not even 4months out?

on 4/2/13 2:00 pm - savannah, GA
RNY on 12/04/12

Ok Ive never posted about a stall. They come and they go, just stay on track etc, I know. But I am now t the point of getting concerned. I have lost 80 something lbs postop for a total of 101lbs with preop diet. Thats great but I still need to lose around 125lbs. The scale hasnt moved in over a month. I am right under 4 months. I am scared I wont get to my goal at this rate. I am doing everything they say to and it just wont move. Any ideas at all? My surgeon wasnt concerned but it seems a bit early for such a long stall. I also get paranoid because ive had all kinds of hormone problems and im worried something will keep this from working. 

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on 4/2/13 2:11 pm - OH

Actually, many people don't consider it a stall if it doesn't last for at least a month.  So you're just having a stall.  It's normal.  It happens.

People typically lose about half their excess weight by the six month mark.  You've lost about 100 lbs so far and have 125 to go, so you're already close to the halfway mark.  Sounds like you're right on schedule to me.  Just stick with your plan.  You'll keep losing.

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on 4/2/13 3:18 pm - CA

I am almost 6mos out, an been at a stall for just over a month. I have lost 120lbs, I have 80 more to my goal and 100 if i go to my surgeons goal..  Its frusrating for sure... keep your head up, it will pass

on 4/2/13 3:34 pm, edited 4/2/13 4:11 pm
RNY on 05/07/12

This is just my personal opinion.  But look how scared you are you won't make your goal.  This is not a race.  The pressure of losing by a certain time frame whether by you or your surgeon is again, just my opinion, the old mindset of dieting and if we didn't lose the weight we felt like a failure and would just give up. 

Shygirlxoxo, you have done a tremendous job and please stop and take a look at what you have taken off versus pressuring yourself to get to a goal.  What happens if you don't meet your goal?  Is the world going to stop? No.  Now don't get me wrong goals are important and long term goals are good to have, but I hate to see this happen to you because everyday now is going to be full of stress and getting on the scale constantly and if it doesn't move fast enough, it's like watching a trainwreck.

Please keep in mind the body is going to move at it's pace, not ours.  I wish you the best and keep coming on here for support.  Jane