Hello all!! Update on me! (kinda long)

on 4/12/13 2:02 am

Hello everyone I hope this horrible cold weather isn't hitting you as hard as it is here in mass!!  BRRR feels like xmas out instead of april 12th! urgh!  Since losing 185 lbs, I'm freeeeezzzzing cold ALL the time, I had to sleep the last 2 nights on the street :*(.  But, its all turned around today.  I'm at the unemployment office where I'm able to fax, make calls and use their computer, as my cell phone is lost at the braintree plaza (I'm gonna take the bus there later today before I go out Salsa dancing by myself with my friends at the local nightclub I patronize, to celebrate my 42nd birthday which was yesterday (whoohooo!!)  I'm doing some fashion modeling now and EVERYTHING looks good on me, its crazy I was once 320 lbs, sick with every comorb except cancer (including insulin dependant diabetes) and was a very, very tight size 26 (but I REFUSED to go up another size!)

Now, I eat well balanced meals, drink water/crystal light all day long (with the occasional carbonated beverage) and live my life in total moderation in everything I do.  I work out regularly (I average about 5 miles a day brisk walking and my bag is always overloaded! lol) as I don't have a car and I rely on publc transportation (around here in massachusetts we call it the 'T" lol)  I'm looking at new apartments/roommate situations and have replied to many cl ads to meet up this weekend and view a new place in the south shore area, as I'm attending nursing school in the fall!! WOOT! WOOT!!

I just saw my newest furry babies (Marni will LOVE this one!!)  A pair of rescue ferrets at the local petco that they have had in isolation for a long time (they've been at petco almost a year) they almost died.  Their staff told me today that the female who has the most unique light fur (at first glance I thought she was albino!) and markings on her tail end and the boy is the classic brown with the bandit mask!  They have always been a pair and I'm getting them cheap (less than $30 a piece!) and they are so frisky and playful and FAT!!!!!!!!  The associate at petco told me that ferrets rarely make noise but the female was in so much pain and so malnurished that she was screaming (I absoulutely BAWLED when she told me that, I'm tearing up  now just typing it!) Anywho, I'm getting them both and have already  named them Fred and Ginger as they have always been together and have gone through so much together that I couldn't live with myself if I seperated them.  After I put them both down, Fred was trying to escape and stretched his whole body out trying to get to me!!!! (love, heart beat, heart beat!!)  I am so absoultely head over heels in love with these two little rascals and bought the book 'Ferrets for Dummies' which I will likely read cover to cover in the next few days in preperation for the new couple!!!! enlightened

After everything I've recently gone through, I really, really deserve these babies and they are true, strong survivors just like me!


I hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Soon as I get some pics I will post asap!!!!\


on 4/12/13 2:21 am - MI

Glad things are looking up for you.  I like ferrets.  My BIL down the road has one.  Nice to hear that you will be going back to school.   I did nursing school back in the early 70s.

  Blessings,   Lynn    

Band to RnY - 3/13/13

on 4/12/13 4:08 am - Brighton, IL

Glad to hear things are going well for you and thanks for the update!



on 4/12/13 5:39 am - PA
RNY on 04/09/13

Glad everything is looking up for you!! Never had ferrets so I wouldn't know what to expect from them but it sounds like they love you. Good luck with your studies in nursing school are you going for your RN or LPN? Do you know the difference? RN means real nurse and LPN means little pretend nurse or little pay nurse. I wish you success in your journey in your education. Sounds like nothing can hold you back. Go for it!! Grab all of life that you can!! Pls keep us posted of what is happening in your life.

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