Hi everyone a quick update on me a little long

on 4/30/13 1:49 pm
Hi everybody I hope all my friends and soon to be friends with upcoming surgery dates are doing great like me life is finally urge starting to shape up for the last three months after I escaped a very very bad abusive two years of sheer hell with my ex fiancé I have been getting all my ducks in a row tomorrow I'm meeting with the store mgr at Home Depot for my third and fingers crossed final interview as their front end mgr working pt they're going to start me around twenty dollars an hr as I have five yrs experience at Walmart doing the same job today I met with the operations mgr who was very nice and I had a great interview that lasted about an hr Home Depot is a great company and they really care about their employees last fri I took my college placement exam for the nursing program I'm attending in the fall for the Lpn practical nursing certificate it's a great program ten mos with labs and clinical s too and then I'm going straight into the rn bachelors degree with one of the Boston teaching hospitals heck I've got lots of on the job training with my twins and triplets four boys and a girl the twins are fourteen now and the trio are soon going to be eleven the last thing I need to take care of is getting my own apartment hopefully in the next few weeks in one of the many apartments or a multi family unit here in the city of Quincy well, that and a good used care taking the bus and train everywhere is getting really is getting old. To all the vets it's really good to be back and for all the newbies welcome us vets try to answer as many of ur questions as we can and there's a lot of experience and wisdom on this board and this forum in particular I myself have been coming here for over ten yrs and have really learned a lot and have learned a lot on my own and through my program over the last three yrs its great to be back and feel free to friend request me if you like!
on 4/30/13 3:28 pm - Central, IL
RNY on 12/03/12

Wow!! You got some crazy life going on girl!! LOL!! Sounds wonderful though! I went back to nursing school at age 36 and am now an ER nurse. ALL THOSE BABIES have definitely been some good training!! Crossing my fingers for your Home Depot job. Good for you getting out of a bad situation and taking control of your life!! Keep it up and may wonderful things come your way!


on 4/30/13 8:16 pm
Thanks golly for the nice post congrats on becoming an Er nurse
on 4/30/13 8:38 pm - Brighton, IL

Glad to hear things are looking up and hope the job pans out as well. Welcome back.