So Disguested In Myself

on 5/18/13 12:49 pm - New York, NY

I am in the middle of transitioning to a new insurance plan and it does not start until June 1st.  When that happens I am going to make the appointment with the bariatric surgeon's office.  I am so disgusted with myself because I knew the the regular scale that I had in my house was not giving me an accurate reading.  The scale I had in my house was off by 50 pounds (how the h-ll does that happen).  My husband and I decided to buy an electronic scale today.  We came home and weighed ourselves and got so upset.  I cannot wait until I start the process.  I am going to be so dedicated with this process. 

I can't wait!  I can't wait!  I can't wait!

on 5/18/13 1:49 pm - TX
I have been where your at and it does stink. But once I made that choice and there was no turning back my life changed in ways I couldnt imagine. I am 5days post op and its been trial and error tears and smiles all wrapped in one!! Welcome!!

For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength. Phillipians 4:13 laugh



CW 190!!! GW Anything under 200 was the icing on the cake...going for 170...lil more icing never hurt anybody!


on 5/18/13 1:58 pm - New York, NY

Thank you for the encouragement.  Before years end I hope I get my surgery date.  I am so ready for the change.  I will deal with what is to come as it comes.  My husband who is not totally on board, but I know does have my back in whatever choice I make will be my back bone, my confidant, and support who will get me through to my goal.

Congratulations!!  Soon I will be were you are right now.  Can't wait!!

on 5/18/13 6:10 pm - IL
RNY on 11/20/13

If i may suggest that you look into your new insurgence and find out what all the requirements are that way when u go to start the process you know what ur agenda will look like , i have to do 6 months of medically supervised weight management b4 surgery and my insurance is asking me to lose 20 - 30 # in that time. on the 29th will be appointment # 2 of the 6 and i am down 4 # so far . Just an idea. hope it helps 


on 5/19/13 2:44 am - Highland, MI
RNY on 12/17/12

Good advise, to check into the insurance requirements.  My only regret is I didn't take the 6 month supervised diet very seriously.  I look at what other people accomplished prior to surgery and realize that I wasted that time by only taking off a few pounds.  I did learn a lot by meeting with the NUT but could be so much farther ahead.  

Good luck to you.  It's a great jouney!


on 5/19/13 12:57 am - Renick, WV

What BIbi said is a good idea. Get ready, get lots of info. You may be able to start now if you know what will be expected. Thats what I did. I met with my surgeon on Friday for the 1st time and I only have 4 more months of the pre-op diet and exercise and tests to go thru yet. Ive already lost 28 lbs. in about 1 1/2 months. My surgeon wants me to lost another 60 before surgery. Im on my way and you are too. Get info!! Its a very good starting place and of course being on here is always great motivation and support. You can do this!! Good Luck!!









on 5/19/13 4:47 am - WA
RNY on 01/18/12

The time is going to fly by!  You will be on the loser's bench before you know it.

on 5/19/13 10:19 am

It's amazing how we can deny how obese we are. I always thought I looked basically okay, just "a little" overweight. Now I look at my "before" pants and have to say that these were not the pants worn by a healthy woman. 

Let me add a resounding vote for the advice you have received here to check insurance requirements carefully. Talk to someone. Get the FULL list of requirements. My insurance journey was the hardest part of the entire surgical process - it felt as if they kept pulling something new out of the hat. If you have a full list of everything they will want/need - you can set up apointments and just start clicking things off. 

Best of luck to you!

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