on 5/29/13 9:32 am - Augusta, GA

thanks everyone for feedback.. and for clarity it is a iron infusion that i need.. i cant find much info about the procedures.. my stats are at a 4!!!  somedays  are so exhausting i half eat because im too tired to cook and find it easy to eat bad food then i suffer when i experience dumping then i wisen up for 2 or 3 days then its a repeat ,  as long as ii stay busy i dont feel the tiredness.. its when i get a free moment to myself that the exhaustion overwhelms me and all i do is sleep.

what are the steps for the iron infusion  does it takes a few hours   can i return to work right away   what are the side effects i appreciate the feedback.

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on 5/29/13 9:37 am - OH

I went with a friend once for hers.  It was basically 3-4 hours of sitting around with an IV in one of her arms and a blood pressure cuff on the other (checking her BP on a periodic basis).  Hers was in the afternoon, so she just went home afterward, but she felt ok, so I guess she could have gone back to work if it had been scheduled for early in the morning.


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on 5/29/13 11:11 am - PA

Hi Johnette!


I had iron infusions starting the Thursday after Christmas (2012) ending 2/14/13.  Yes, it was a series of eight.  I have found out since they have started a new protocol that only takes two treatments. 


The infusions were supposed to be two hours each but were closer to three.  The only adverse reaction I had was it made my BP go up a bit.  When they researched it?  Only 29% have hyper or hypo-tension from infusions. 

I had great success from my infusions...I think.  I have labs redrawn next month.  My issue with low iron was there BEFORE my RNY.  I'm not sure if that is your situation or not.

Good luck to you and please, feel free, ask me any questions that might be helpful to you.  I'll do my best to answer them.



on 5/29/13 11:13 am - PA

Sorry, I didn't answer the question. Yes, I did go back to work right after with no adverse reaction.




on 5/29/13 2:26 pm
I've had two different rounds the first was 5 IV pushes of Venefor. They took about 25 minutes each after the first one to make sure I didn't have an allergic reaction. They'll do a small test first to check and a saline push before, at least that's how it was done for me. These were done in a hospital environment and costly for me.

The second round I had 18 months later was done at a cancer center with a hematologist/oncologist. This was an Infed infusion round, same type of test to check for allergic reaction. Oh an they also gave me an IV of benedryl. These took about 1 1/2 hour each. I had 7 of these.

To feel energetic after was amazing. I had the second round during my lunch break and returned to work after. These were way less costly than the first....each was my office co-pay cost only.

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on 5/29/13 11:33 pm - Germany
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I just had my first iron infusion 2 days ago. I dont know if its different here in Germany compared to the states.. but mine was extremely quick- like 30 minutes.. and then I was good to go home or back to work. I dont think I have experienced any side effects and dont know if there are any associated with it. I did notice that when my blood pressure was taken yesterday that it was lower than usual- at 106/56 .. 


on 6/9/13 11:12 am - Augusta, GA

thanks everyone  i just 2nd round of lab results and waiting for my doctor to determine if i will need the infusions or not.. i just want normal erergy.. if i m not super busy then i am extremely exhausted when ever i get a free moment and want to sleep for its giving me the mild shakes and short of breath ( lack of oxygen to blood cells)  fingers crossed!