on 6/30/13 4:00 am - CA
I am soooooo constipated for a week now. I have tried milk of magnesia and stool softeners and I'm drinking lots of water I'm not eating meat. Noting is working I had my surgery on may 22, 2013. Help me. Any suggestions?

Miss Starr

on 6/30/13 4:04 am - OH

A Dulcolax suppository if you need to take care of things right away.  Then Miralax daily to prevent future problems.

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on 6/30/13 4:08 am - angier, NC
RNY on 09/17/12 with

add benefiber to your drinks. I get the walmart brand, comes in a green/white bottle. It helps to get more fiber in every day. I also do 3 non stimulant stool softeners every night as part of my vitamins.

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on 6/30/13 4:19 am - CA
Thanks this is very frustrating

Miss Starr

on 6/30/13 5:18 am - Culpeper, VA
RNY on 06/04/13 with
I use beneifiber and 2 oz of warm prune juice works most days

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on 6/30/13 5:46 am - Litchfield, NH
RNY on 03/05/13
I do daily miralax 2 capfuls and 2 colace a day keeps me pretty regular.

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on 6/30/13 6:04 am - Rochester, NY
RNY on 01/21/13
For immediate relief go with a saline enema. Then rock the fiber and water.
on 6/30/13 7:21 am
RNY on 10/16/12

I take a women's laxative usually every other day.  That is the only thing that works for me.




on 6/30/13 10:37 am
RNY on 09/11/12

Fiber powder in my morning tea, stool softener morning and evening, Fiber One protein bar and/or snack mid day, Miralax every evening.  This has been working for me.  Good luck!

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on 7/1/13 11:56 am - Puyallup, WA
RNY on 10/05/94
I have this response "canned", but I'll post it for you.

I had chronic constipation for 11 years. I tried: more fiber, less fiber, soluble fiber, insoluble fiber, no fiber, both fibers, stool softeners, Smooth Moves & Correctol teas and Metamucil wafers, together, apart, more water, less water, cut out anything bu****er (and protein), senna, cascara sagrada, everything one could possibly try until I was basically dependent on enemas for 3 yrs.

Miralax helped the stool be passable. It was rx and finally became generic, so went from $80 for 3 months to $20 for 3 months. Now it is OTC, but is about $8 for 5-6 servings. If you can get the rx, it is much cheaper, safe, daily, for life, according to my GI doc.

The stool softeners are store brand equal to Colace, not PERI-colace.

Word was that magnesium citrate was such a great thing. This is pills, not the green bottle, so I tried it and nothing happened, and so I kept increasing it. What DID happen is that my foot and leg cramps ceased. So, I kept doing that and tried magnesium oxide. This is small, cheap, found anywhere, like drug stores. And finally, it worked. Mine are 500 mg and I take 2.

My final formula:
1 serving MiraLax (rx) *
4 stool softeners at night
1 mag ox with lunch, 1 with dinner

In the morning, hot beverage first thing on empty gut

This has worked for several years yrs now.

* MiraLax was rx only until the end of 2007, and is now generic by rx. The original name brand is available at drug stores at about $20 for a large bottle. You might want to try one first, taken daily, at about the same time. If it solves the problem, then ask your doc for rx. It is NOT a laxative. It is safe, daily, taken for life, per 4 doctors I've asked. It was a pediatrician who introduced me to it. My rx plan allows me to have 6 of those big bottles every 3 months for $20. Check with your doc and your insurance to see if it's beneficial to buy it by rx. BTW, my doc writes for 2 servings per day, because they might SAY there are 30 servings per bottle, but somebody can't count. Me or them? I use only one, but if I spill or get too much, I still have enough to last til next refill.

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