Miss Calla- Some pics for ya.

on 7/1/13 10:30 am, edited 7/1/13 10:41 am - Renick, WV

Some pics for ya. I was having some work done on the steps you see that goes up to the loft. A wall taken out and the main beam made longer. You can kinda get an idea of what the inside looks like. Some of the livingroom going into the dining room. I added 2 other pics of some critters I see in my yard. The little guy in the tree was out back here in my walnut tree last year. I live on a one lane road. Closest 2 lane road is like 11 miles away.

Ok, they didnt post, lol. Let me try again

Ok, I got them on my profile. Gotta work on getting them here.









on 7/1/13 10:55 am - Retirement Ville, AZ

Not Miss Calla here but loved your pix!  Love your house!  Thanks.

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on 7/1/13 11:11 am - Renick, WV

Thanks Lady!!









on 7/1/13 11:25 am - WV

Wow beautiful!

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Calla Lily
on 7/1/13 12:44 pm
RNY on 01/23/12

Ohhhhhh I love it! You have my country dream home!

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Missy A.
on 7/1/13 12:51 pm - NC
RNY on 08/17/12 with

Such a beautiful home! Where exactly is Renick WV? I'm originally from Clarksburg WV and miss it so bad. Loved living in the country!


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on 7/1/13 1:02 pm - Renick, WV

Thanks everyone!!  Renick is in Greenbrier county. I sill have some work to do here, but its basically like it was when built 100 yrs ago.









on 7/2/13 12:12 am

OMG Brenda I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your house ... I love EVERYTHING about it ... OMG and the landscape and the critter ... can I move in? TOTALLY GORGEOUS!!! out of a magazine .... CONGRATS!!!

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on 7/2/13 12:51 am

Lovely home, is it a log house?  I don't think I could relax knowing there are bears outside.  As it is I have a "Bambi" eating my flowers and snakes because we live by a creek and in the woods too.

Sherry T.
on 7/2/13 1:12 am - GA
RNY on 05/22/12

My Dad grew up in Charmco, WV...the town over was Rainelle and the big city was Lewisburg.  I so love it up there!!  I know it's in Greenbrier County cause I've looked up some information online.   Too cool!  Always thought it's be great to live up there...not sure about winters but it always sounded so neat from someplace where we get snow, once in a blue moon...or if that often! LOL  

Gonna check out your photos...love home decorating! 


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