More pics posted Miss Calla

on 7/2/13 6:08 am - Renick, WV

Or for anyone else who wants to see more of the house. Dont mind the mess. lol.









Calla Lily
on 7/2/13 8:12 am
RNY on 01/23/12

Ohhhh I LOVE EVERY INCH! So rustic and awesome!!!! I love those light sconces, and your kitchen cupboards, and the wooden front door, and the ceiling, even the shelf above your sink! Oh the fun i could have if that was my house!!! SUPER COOL!!!!!!!!!! Your own little homestead! 

RNY 01/23/12, HW 265, CW 115, Height 5'6"


on 7/2/13 8:46 am - Renick, WV

Thanks, I love it here. Ill be here the rest of my life.









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