Started the Process - Excited!!!!

on 7/7/13 8:15 am - New York, NY

I am so excIited!  I have started the process to getting the surgery.  I went for my infitial visit to see Dr. Bagloo (in NYC).  She was so great and so informative (even though I did my research before hand).  Of course, I'm going to have to go through the 6 months process because of my insurance.  But that is ok.  I don't have to deal with my insurance, Dr. Bagloo's office will deal with them.  That is a relief off of my shoulders.  I have an appointment for my endoscopy exam on July 31st.  I go to do my labs next weekend.  I am on a roll.  I have already done my sleep study.  So, hopefully the process will go smooth. 

Lora R.
on 7/7/13 8:25 am
RNY on 09/12/13

Congrats on starting.  I have a stress test on Tuesday then mine gets submitted to the insurance.  Just a suggestion, check with your insurance if your BMI is over 50, they may waive the 6 month medically supervised weight loss program.  Mine does.  Would also be in your best interest to ask them what their requirements are exactly.  Good Luck!

Lora R

on 7/7/13 8:34 am
RNY on 05/13/13

Yeah for you!! Good luck!


HW333--SW 289--GW of 160 5' 11" woman.  I only know the way I know & when you ask for input/advice, you'll get the way I've been successful through my surgeon & nutritionist. Please consult your surgeon & nutritionist for how to do it their way.  Biggest regret? Not doing this 10 years ago! Every day is better than the day before...and it was a pretty great day!




on 7/7/13 8:48 am - Renick, WV

So happy for you!!!! angry









Jilly Bean
on 7/7/13 9:55 am - IN
RNY on 07/09/12

Good luck and congrats on making your decision for a healthier life!! 

Surgery weight:  232 lbs. / Goal: 145 lbs. Height:  5'5"     Fat? Ain't nobody got time for that.


on 7/7/13 1:01 pm - PA
RNY on 07/08/13

Hooray for you!  This will be one of the most important decisions you will make - one for a healthier you!  I wish you a smooth journey with the insurance, testing and to finally welcome you to the Loser's Bench in the near future!


Believe in yourself and don't ever stop dreaming!

Amelia L.
on 7/8/13 10:41 am
RNY on 08/20/12
Awesome!! Blessings on your journey! Amelia


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