What are systoms of a UTI ????

on 7/18/13 7:21 am - Panama City , FL
RNY on 04/18/13

I am back from the doctor and they said its a UTI but I swear it feels like it did when I had the cath in at the hospital and it wasn't draining.... I feel like I am about to burst to pee but only pee a tsp when I go in there..... Is this a UTI, the last time I had one, which was years ago, I just peed all the time, I would stand up and have to go again ... This time its different...    I do have a history of kidney stones but I'm not hurting anywhere.... 

on 7/18/13 7:25 am - OH

Frequent urination, pain or a burning sensation when you pee, pee that is a darker color than normal and/or has a stronger odor than normal.  Sometimes also back pain, nausea, and/or fever, although those are more common with a kidney infection.

Did they check your urine at the doctor's?  They should have, in order to diagnose a UTI.  If they did, and said it's a UTI, then it most likely is.

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on 7/18/13 7:30 am

Did they do a urine test?  I have had lots, and they are all different.  Normal symptoms for me are pain and burning when urinating.  I feel like I need to go constantly, but only go a litttle at a time.  Other times I have had constant pain, but that was one that went on way to long.  One time I didn't feel any pain, but it smelled bad.  The Dr. said she was surprised I was able to stand I was so infected.  


The last one I had was right after surgery.  It kept coming back.  I had a strange bacteria and they ended up using a different antibiotic.  I haven't had one for over 2 years now.



on 7/18/13 7:31 am - Panama City , FL
RNY on 04/18/13

They did check it and I heard them saying negative, negative, negative, trace and something about 5.  I don't have any of that, that you mentioned, other than I feel like am going to burst. after going I don't feel any better and it seems to be getting worst as the day goes.... Hopefully this med will kick in soon... It said to not take for 6 hours after taking vitamins but I went ahead and took it 4 hours later because I wanted to get it in my symptom and start working.


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on 7/18/13 7:37 am - OH

The last time I had a UTI many years ago, I had trouble peeing.  It felt like I always had to go, but then I would just get a dribble. Kelly gave a good rundown of the typical symptoms, and, as she said, if they did an actual urine culture and said it was an infection, it almost certainly is.  If they did NOT do a urine culture (my doctor had to send it out for that... All he could check for in the office was blood in the urine), it may be a kidney stone that is blocking the entrance to the ureter but has not started to pass.  I went in to my PCP about a month ago because I thought it was a UTI, but there was +3 blood in the urine (even though it wasn't visible) and the culture was clear.  The ultrasound that he ordered showed an 8mm stone and a 10mm stone, one of which was right at the junction of the kidney and ureter.  I had to wait a month to have them blasted.


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on 7/18/13 10:02 am - Renick, WV

Ive had to go to the hospital 2x for UTI's. I was in excruciating pain. Pressure that felt like my insides were all coming out my vajaja. It was bad. I hope I never have to experience that again. I wish you luck and hope you dont have it like I did.









on 7/18/13 10:06 am - New York, NY
RNY on 06/11/13

I have chronic recurrent cystitis so suffer from UTI's all the time. Half the time I never had symptoms, even if it was a moderate infection. I would just take the antibiotics and treat it as they prescribed...If they tested you and it was a clean catch (non-contaminated) specimen then you have an infection going on. Sometimes burning, sometimes a backache, you might have excessive urination/urgency, you could have a very bad lower stomachache or even diarrhea. It won't be the same with every infection...

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Katie K.
on 7/18/13 10:14 am - Maitland, FL
RNY on 06/25/13

I've never had symptoms of a UTI. They've always been caught with routine labs. I had one when I was pregnant, and I had one pre-op. No symptoms at all. They put me on antibiotics, was still there a little, but the surgeon said if I wasn't having any symptoms then I should be okay. I was. Still am. Makes me wonder if there's something wrong with me that I don't notice anything. I've noticed other types of infections but not UTIs.


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