Bra after surgery

on 7/27/13 6:04 am - MD
RNY on 07/30/13

I am getting things ready for the hospital.  Doc's office suggested big clothes because of the swelling/weight gain.  Got sweat pants for the bottom.  Question - what about a bra?  Is it comfortable to wear one or will it irritate the laprascopic spots?  


on 7/27/13 6:17 am

My abdominal binder came right up to my bra line. So it didn't irritate it too much....I brought a front closing one but really the next day I had a back closing and  both were fine....btw that was the first new bit of clothing I cup size stayed the same but I needed a smaller width around in about two weeks.  That and underthings..First on my list of new clothes. Needed thnem before I quit wearing the abdominal binder.


on 7/27/13 6:25 am - Parkton, MD

Didn't have any problem with bra even near the spots.

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Ericka K.
on 7/27/13 7:08 am
I didn't have a binder and I couldn't wait to get a bra on. I brought a couple sports bras and they were comfortable. I wore yoga pants on the bottom and just kept the gown on the top because I had a drain, it was just easier that way.
on 7/27/13 7:16 am
RNY on 06/11/13

My topmost incision was close enough to my bra line that I wasn't comfortable wearing one for a couple of weeks, though when I had to during that time I wore a sports bra.  Though I think it depends on where your incisions are!

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on 7/27/13 8:49 am

I had a drain and a binder so I did not feel comfortable at all with a bra on!! But I believe you should try and see how you feel about it. 

on 7/27/13 9:07 am

I happily went braless. It would've bothered the incision closest to my sternum. It won't take up much room. At least you'll have it if you want it. 

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on 7/27/13 9:41 am - MD
RNY on 07/30/13

Thanks for all the advice!  I'll pack one and see how it goes.  Its not like I'm going anywhere special when I leave the hospital, just straight home - 2 hour drive that I will want to feel comfortable as possible.


on 7/27/13 10:07 am
RNY on 05/13/13

My lap spots are at/below my belly button. No way would a bra bother it. Even my longline bra for formal wear does not go that low.


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on 7/27/13 12:22 pm, edited 7/27/13 12:22 pm - OH

You don't have an incision up on the left at your ribcage?!?  Curious.  Not doubting you, just very surprised.


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