on 8/1/13 5:43 am - MD
RNY on 07/30/13

It was a long journey - over a year but I had my RNY 7/30!  All went well just have a hard time with anesthesia taking long time to wear off.  Lots of nausea and dizziness for almost 24 hours.  Dry heaves are not good but they are now in the past.  I have a patch to help with the nausea now that I am home.  That lasts 3 days so I expect after that I will have overcome the nausea.  Incredibly very little pain for me.  Hated the contrast stuff but understand how necessary it was.  Caused all kinds of diarrhea.  Dr. said that is because it moved through my system so quickly.  Small price for a big prize!  Thanks to all of you for support and putting up with all my questions. 

PS I opted not to wear the bra home


on 8/1/13 8:44 am - Renick, WV

Glad your home and doing better. The dizziness and nausea is kind of expected I guess. Good thing you werent in alot of pain on top of it. Congrats!!! Good luck on your journey.









on 8/1/13 10:08 am
RNY on 07/11/13

Congrats! Welcome to the Loser's Bench!!!


HW 264    SW 234    CW 149    5'4" 

on 8/2/13 1:36 am - NH
RNY on 05/10/13

Congrats! Best of luck!

LOL on the no bra home